Event: The Body Shop's Smoke and Fire Makeup Fall Collection (2010)

The Body Shop released their autumn collection here in the Philippines!

Turn up the heat! Take your make-up cues from the smouldering shades of nature. The season’s
‘Smoke and Fire’ look is inspired by the rich, natural, earthy colours of the changing season combined with the dramatic flash of light associated with breath-taking autumn skies.

Create the look or have it expertly applied by make-up artists in a The Body Shop® store. This fiercely hot colour collection for eyes, face and lips harnesses nature’s autumnal palette and balances it with modern smoky shades. Dusky blues and greens are lifted and refreshed with peach and pinks, flashes of oxidised metal add a touch of metallic sheen. Dare to play with the on-trend shades and innovative textures.

Light up! The Autumn Leaves Compact highlights cheeks with a natural looking, soft-lit glow, setting your complexion on fire. Create smoking, smouldering eyes by encircling them with the unique, highly pigmented Kajal Eyeliner in three rich hues. Enhance this high intensity eye-look with three vivid shades of Eye Colour eye shadow. Then frame eyes with long, dark, lush-looking lashes courtesy of Divide & Multiply Mascara. As a finishing touch, dress lips in earthy, nude shades of moisturising Colourglide™ Lip Colour. Finally, don’t let dark circles and fine lines ruin your style with the help of light-reflective Lightening Touch.

The Body Shop people gave us bloggers a chance to experience the Smoke and Fire Collection by way of tutorial and makeovers in hands of The Body Shop makeup artist and guest makeup artist who also happens to be a blogger, Dens Congco of Makeupden.com.

Even I who have been applying makeup for quite a long time picked up a few tricks during this event.

Denise Congco, Makeup Artist and Blogger as guest artist.
Did you that Dens and I were classmates in elementary? :)

Billie, Body Shop Philippines PR Manager provides us with her introduction.

Let's begin shall we. Roma, the general manager at The Body Shop Megamall, preps Billie's face for foundation by spritzing a moisturizer and applying a brightening primer. Billie has dry skin and brightening is the best for her to give her a dewy look.

Dens took over the eye makeup application. She makes sure to take inspiration at the pictures provided for this collection but at the same time she ensures that the look will fit Billie's eye shape and face. Dens used the Eye Colour no. 42 (midnight blue) and no. 41 (peach) to create a smokey look.

Favorite part was when Dens used the Special Edition Kajal Eyeliner Charcoal on her eyelids as base. The soft Kajal Liner is a much easier eyeliner to use in my opinion. No tugging and budging the eyes whenever you apply. Highly recommended for those who loves water lining.

Final result. Love the bronze look on Billie and the midnight blue smokey was a great contrast. Really fit for the fall season.

Hi, Kim!!
It's been a while since I saw my fellow Basement Academy classmate who gave birth to a healthy bundle of joy.

Although I was dying to play with the makeup on my own. I wouldn't let a chance pass for a free makeover. :) hehehe!

Roma and I decided that we should go for a grin... este... green look. lol!

Pics from my Canon g11 doesn't do justice to my FOTD! Emerald eyeshadow was so pigmented!!

Here's Kim and I all dolled up and ready for Fall! :)

Earth looked great in earthy tones of Smoke and Fire Collection

Tara's eyes popped with Smoke and Fire Collection. :)
A nice twist to all the smokey look of the collection

Fabulous, right? :) Dens really did an amazing job! :)

Dens and I took advantage of the vain shot of my cam. :)

Thanks to the Body Shop Team for having us in this event

And for being so nice and accomodating while we were there. :)

Ross and Billie with Ry, Lace, Kim and Azrael. :)

Roma and Den's beautiful creations. :)

If you're asking what my recommendations are in this collection. It's the Kajal Eyeliner. It's made from natural ingrdients and the Marula oil makes the product glides seamlessly at the water and upper lash line. Get all of them!! :) hehehe!

Also, to avoid the zombie look, the improved Lightening Touch will definitely erase those underey baggies away. :)

I'm excited for the fall and winter collections. I'm definitely that kind of season. More excuses to wear darker and edgier makeup. :)

much love,

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