Boy Crazy went Crazier at Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2010

I've been dying to go to the Cosmopolitan Bashelor Bash ever since. I never actually imagined getting invited to one but as a press, it truly was an early birthday gift indeed!

It was racy, the girls and beckys screaming their heart out. One of the most liberating experience in my life. Hunks walked down the runway, water gun amaking the men 'sbody glisten with drops of water, score cards are raised and cameras flashing endelessly. Rippled bodies, chiseled abs, toned thighs and legs and OMG tight tushies!!! O my!! Was fanning myself because it was really hot in there and it's not for the lack of AC. If I would have a say on what heaven would be like... one of those would be a Cosmos Bachelor Bash!

Okay, sue me.. I'm boy crazy! Ask any of my elementary and high school classmates and they will tell you that I have hundreds of crushes. I collected magazines like Sixteen, Tiger Beat and Bop. But as soon as I got a copy of Cosmo, I graduated from all those teeny-bopper mags. I was on a look out for hunks with ever copy.

That is why I just can't help but be excited when I got a chance to go this popular event.

And I wasn't disappointed!!! Oh boy, was I not... I would say more but I think I have to regulate what I say on this blog... some of our (me and Teeyah's) comments during the show were really not bloggable. I would be censored and flagged for sure... but yah, you could imagine what we were screaming out to the men on the runway. :)

Some video clips I got from the event. :)
Rafel Rosell flying, Carlo Aquino spewing fire, Baron Geisler fit as ever and others. :)

These are the boys that made the cut for me. :)
yum! yum! yum! yum! yum!
Obvious I like skin art, body hair, facial hair and risque type of men.. :)
*nabbed pics from

Boy Crazy Girls!! We had so much fun!! :)

Me in Forever 21 Body Con Dress
So Fab Wedgies
Forever 21 gunmetal sling bag
Accessories Swallow bird necklace

Tara of Chronicles of Vanity

If you're wondering who drove us wild and screaming like crazy during the event, grab the September Issue of Cosmopolitan PH!!!

Next year, I'm wishing there will be more of us attending!
See you there!!

Thanks to Summit for inviting us!!

much love,

*thanks to for the other photos.

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  1. waahhh I hope I was there too wahaha...I'm sure you had so much fun!

  2. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, Shen. I enjoyed the night but most of all the night of bonding, kwentos and dinner. I can't wait for our next bonding session.


  3. woah. i'm married, my hubby wouldn't let me within 100 miles of that event lmao at least i can see the pictures, thanks Shen! ; P

  4. my oh my oh my... why don't we have that in Malaysia! And we will never have! those boys look delicious!


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