Youthful Still with Olay Body Bar Soaps

Thanks to the wonderful people of Olay, I get to keep my skin youthful looking. When you're going through Quarter Life Crisis, there are two things that you are either feeling, one is the lost of youth and the other just itching to get back on track. I think I am in between. Stuck right in the middle of wanting my teenage life back and half wishing that I am a successful businesswoman-slash-lawyer with a husband and a 5 year old child.

But I'm quite glad that I can easily feel young again. Thanks to products that are designed to make me feel beautiful, young and fresh. Quite literally I might add, with Olay Body Bar soaps.

Olay Body Age Defying

To reveal a youthful looking skin, all it takes is a soap that is designed exactly for that. And this is definitely it. I love the feel of this soap against my skin. Although I know that I can't stop time, this soap is enough for me to know that at least I am caring for my skin against dark spots and other environmental factors that causes premature aging.


Olay Body Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter

Knowing that I need to keep my body moisturized, I enjoy the Olay Body Ultra Moisture because it keeps skin smooth and soft with the Shea Butter in this bar soap.


Olay Body Fresh Reviving

My favorite among the line is the Olay Body Fresh Reviving because of its scent. It gives me that perk-up feeling whenever I use especially in the morning when I need to be be woken up.


Now, bathing is not much of chore or simply a part of my daily activities.
With Olay Body Bar Soaps, I know that I am giving my skin a lot more loving.

much love,

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