Product Review: Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner (Quick Fix for your Brushes)

You know how much I love putting makeup on. But brush cleaning became too tedious for me that it takes me a week before I actually wash my brushes. I am OC when it comes to using brushes on others but when it comes to me, I'm too lazy to clean them every after use.

I usually rely on my Ellana Brush Cleaner when it comes to spot cleaning especially when I'm using the same brush for an eye look. I find that it removes the eye shadow residue really well. But you know, I'm always trying new products.

I recently got the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner along with some other brush cleaning tools. I can't believe that the product that is only sold in some parts of the world is now here in Manila. Definitely worth checking out.

First off, I'm amazed with how inexpensive the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is. I mena, without having to pre-order and wait, the 237ml is only Php500.00. Very decent prize for a decent amount of product in the bottle.

Second, the locations of which I can aquire this product is very convenient. I can get them at Suesh Cosmetics at Wilson St. and Kryolan in Il Terrrazo in Tomas Morato. It is really convenient.

Third, I am in love with the scent! I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I love citrus scents. I am addicted to them. Parian Spirit quite has a strong scent of oranges which reminds me of a kid vitamin c syrup. The scent tends to linger on the brushes but its really tolerable and not too annoying. I could hardly smell it when I used a brush I cleaned with Parian Spirit.

Fourthly, I am happy to say that slowly many products I own are becoming natural and eco-friendly. One of those is this Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner.I'm not quite surprise that many makeup artists prefer this over other brush cleaners. It being natural with no harsh chemicals assures the brush owners that they are not compromising their expensive brushes and the faces of their clients. As for me, I'm really ecstatic that I added yet another naturally-made product among my stash.

Last and most importantly is Parian Spirit's ability to spot-clean my brushes really well. I've only tried this a few times and I'm very very satisfied with the results. It kind of remind me of how alcohol could clean really quick but Parian is a little bit better. It removes the dirt efficiently without having to put too much effort on it.

I simply filled a separate container with the Parian Spirit brush cleaner, dipped my brushes in it and swiped the hairs of my brushes onto a clothe like Nippon Facial Cotton Cloth and viola, spic-and-span brushes ready to use. 

Parian Spirt actually clean oil based makeups, adhesives (spirit gums, eyelash glue, etc.),oil based clay and all sorts of makeup.

Here are some of my brushes that I recently cleaned with Parian Spirit.

Maxine Mop Before Parian Spirit Cleaning
Maxine Mop after cleaning with Parian Spirit

What impressed me as well was that it sanitizes my brushes to make sure that no lingering bacteria remains but at the same time it condition my brushes. We all know how expensive brushes can be and we take extra effort in caring for them. With Parian Spirit, I'm sure that I don't compromise anything.

Now I'm actually wanting to do makeup on others again because I know how easy it is now to clean and re-use my brushes every after model. Especially since they have wipes available for only Php60/pair.

But right now, I'm quite indulging on the fact that I don't have to reason to not spot clean my brushes any longer. I mean, who wants dirty brushes on their vanity right? :)

much love,

Parian Spirit is available in 16 oz. (475 ml)l Php650.00; 8 oz. (237ml): Php500.00; 2 oz. (60ml) spray: Php340.00.
Glass Canister: Php340.00
Handy Wipes: PhpPhp60.00/pair
Nippon Facial Cotton Cloth: Php200/pack of 100

Authorized Resellers:
Suesh Cosmetics: 34 Wilson Street Greehills West, San Juan Tel. no. 7823797
Kryolan Philippines: 3/F Il Terrazo Building, Tomas Morato, Quezon City Tel no. 3324211
Media Makeup Exchange: G/F Everal building 855 Arnaiz Road, Makati City Mobile (0917)3470950

Accredited School:
Center of Aesthtics Studies: 2/F Franck Provost Building 120 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City Tel no. 8970383

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