Product Review: Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Many of you already know about the famous Etude House located at our local gigantic mall, Megamall Building A. Of course, I was among the beauty bloggers who came in one day for a visit. I got several items that I am still about to review. But thanks to Tish, I was able to get this Proof 10 Eye Primer.

You see, I am all over eye primers. I have extremely oily lids especially during humid season (much like we are having now) and I am always on a hunt for an eye primer, especially if budget permits. For me there is nothing more embarrassing than a creasing eyeshadow with oily lids.

You guessed that right, this cute little thing came home with me that night.


test swatch with minty chocolate pigment

Proof 10 makes a good eye makeup base as it it shows the true colors of the eye shadows.

Test Run #1

The above picture will show a test run on the Proof 10 Eye Primer I did at the back of my hands. I left it on during a long nap. It is apparent that with Proof 10 Eye Primer, the eye shadow stayed on well and still vibrant.

Test Run #2
(Eyes-Eye makeup)

I would show you the pictures but I am afraid that it might put you off trying the product at all. Unfortunately, the Proof 10 Eye Primer didn't suit my oily eye lids at all. After a day of events, I found my eye makeup creasing and my lids oily. Having heard girls raved about this, I was quite sure I would have an alternative eye primer that is affordable. That wasn't the case at all.

Good thing though that I can still make this as a good eye base and on models that I would do makeup on. This is also good for those who have less than oily skin. I would still use this as a primer but probably not for a whole day of use. Maybe during night time when I'll be gone only a few hours.

Price: Php450.00++

Addiction rating: 4 (1- i can live without it... ; 10-i am all over it!)

Conclusion: The Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer is definitely for those with dry to normal and normal to less than oily eye lids. It's a great eye base and makes eye shadows vibrant. It being available at Megamall makes this product easily accessible. Affordable price compared to other eye primers.

Will I be getting this again? Most probably I will if I can't get hands on my other favorite eye primers.

I hope I was able to give a good review with this eye primer. If you have further questions and if you have used this products, please share them with me at the comment box or the Contact Me form.

Til next review!

much love,

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  1. darn that's too bad. some people said this is a good alternative to UDPP :( i guess not.

  2. The Proof 10 eye primer works very well for me, almost as well as UDPP. And I have pretty oily lids too! I guess like all cosmetics, Proof 10 affects different people in different ways. Also, I think it costs less than P450. It's been a while since I was last at Etude but hm, I'm pretty sure I paid less than that.

  3. I guess this one is for me, I have dry lids :) thanks sis!

  4. wow!! thanks for sharing.. i would love to try this...

  5. i wanna try this Shen as soon as my UDPP runs out. I don't have super oily lids kasi.. too bad di nagwork syo.


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