New Addiction: ONE Naturales All-Organics Bath and Body Goodies

I am currently in love, addicted and totally into ONE Naturales. It is an all-organic products made by a Filipina, Charade Galang. Her pursuit to give Filipinas and ladies in the world a beauty and body products that is all natural, affordable and easily accessible to everyone.

ONE stands for Organic, Natural and Eco-friendly only uses natural ingredients sourced from our country. True to its name, even the packaging are environmentally safe recyclable materials such as papers and tins.

Product is quite reminiscent of the 1950's ala Stepford Wives. Everything is packaged so prettily and the products smelled so wonderful! I am crazy crazy over everthing I got. You could really feel the quality of ONE Naturales. It is one of the most amazing products I've tried in a long time.

ONE Naturales is L-O-V-E!

Let me share to you what I got.

ONE Naturales Hand and Body Lotion

Movie Star Skin is a sweet smelling lotion that is easily absorbed. No need for cologne when this is used. You'll be smelling like a Hollywood Star and have a gorgeous skin to boot.

ONE Nature
 Although I don't have a bath tub, I'm looking forward to using this when I'm staying at a hotel.

ONE Naturales Body Soap in Sweet Honey

The scent is quite unique for me but I heard that is a favorite already by many of those who worked on ONE Naturales.

ONE Naturales After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar in Nighty-Nite

One of the things I love about ONE Naturales are the new and unique products like the After Shower Body Bar.

ONE Naturales Lotion Massage Bar in Calming Bar

One of my favorite among my haul. This unique product is really really calming with the scent of lavender. Oh gosh, how can i explain how in love I am with this?

ONE Naturales Body Butter

This reminds me of Pana Cotta (my favorite dessert of all time) and smells like it, too. I just love lathering myself with this since the scent is really nice and its so easy to apply. I am just amazes with how the quality of this product.

ONE Naturales Body Scrub in Sweet Honey

Want a scrub that isn't too harsh on the skin? This is exactly what's gunna make your day. This scrub reminds me of a body scrub that I experienced in a hotel spa. You could really feel the richness of the product and how cleansed you are after. This made my top favorite scrub.

ONE Naturales SolidShampoo in Hair Biscuit
With every product, I become more and more attached to ONE Naturales. By now, you know that I lvoe everything but wait... let me share this sweet-smelling solid shampoo! It's my first time to ever use a solid shampoo and I thought I wouldn't like it. I love it! It lathers easily! It's like magic for me, I tell you! Now I don't have to worry about bringing liquid shampoo when I travel. How cool is that right?

ONE Naturales Solid Conditioner

This one is meant to be used after you've showered and about to start your beauty regimen. Its like a solid frizz serum but acts as conditioner as well. The scent reminds me of cotton candies. This one is quite easy to use. Just make sure you've toweled dry your hair, then run the bar along your hair.

ONE Naturales Lip Tune up

This is something that you have to give it a try to believe it. One of the tastiest lip balms ever.

I admitted it. I'm crazy over ONE Naturales. EVERYONE should have ONE Naturales in their vanities and bathrooms. I am so proud of this Pinay-made beauty and bath line.

Cheers to Charade for creating ONE Naturales.
One moment to enjoy, One life to live, One planet to protect.
much love,

ONE Naturales is currently available at all Beauty by SM Department Stores.
Soon will be available at selected Watson's Branches.

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  1. hi shen,

    love the packaging, do they cost much?

  2. Wow those packagings are so cute!

  3. hi shen, how much to shell out for each product? thanks!

  4. wow, they look sooo good. do they cost much po? i'm on a tight budget. hehe :p

  5. Hoping that you'd share the price as well. :)

  6. Hi Shen,

    Thanks for your great comments! Glad you loved ONE Naturales!

    P.S. Price range is P199 (Lip Balms) to P629 (Body Butters). It might sound pricey, but with pure organics-natural ingredients for every use and the quality of the products, we wanted to give our customers top notch products.


  7. I love the coconut body balm.... smell amazing...

  8. When I first saw this at Watson’s I confused it with ONE Bath and Body Products. They have almost the same packaging. I wonder if they’re related?


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