Myra is Beauty Inside and Out

The Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano latest Commercial of Myra Facial Moisturizer and Myra Hand and Body Lotion has caused me and the BF to talk about the possible getting back together if we ever do go on our separate ways. I sheepishly asked the BF if he will ever regret losing me if that happens. And he replies “That’s why I won’t let go of you.” Of course, I blushed and gave him my cutest smile.

True love deserves a second chance, if you ask me. And that’s not because I love the song ‘Maybe This Time’ by Michael Murphy. But when you are young, you do make mistakes and only when you’ve achieved a certain level of maturity that you realize what a dunce you were for letting such a sweet girl go.

Speaking of sweet girl, don’t you just adore Angel’s soft looking skin lately? Its so obvious how fabulous looking she is. I especially like her commercial for Myra. She looks so fresh and happy. Really makes you wonder why Luis blew his chances with her. I’m so tsismosa, noh?

Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if Angel is looking so good. I’ve had a chance to try Myra Hand and Body Lotion (thanks to the BF’s sister) and it really is something. I love the scent! I don’t even need perfume when using this lotion. It’s not greasy, too. My skin absorbs it instantly. The Vitamin E Beads seems to be working since my skin doesn’t have dry patches especially on my arms and legs.

It makes me wonder if my face will look as young if I try the Myra Facial Moisturizer for my face. I’m thinking of putting it on before I do makeup but having oily skin wards me off from using products that has “moisture” on it..but maybe I can try, as I’ve heard that Myra’s moisturizers are the non-greasy type. Maybe if I can’t use the moisturizer, I can ingest the Myra 400E. My mom used to take Myra 400E before. She even pricks the vitamin E capsule and massage the oils onto her skin. Come to think of it, maybe that is why my mom had such soft skin despite her age. She always takes Myra 400E. Probably, I’ll look younger than what my age really is, just like Judy Ann Santos. Judy Ann Santos is probably one of the actresses who could still get away playing a younger role. Admittedly, I am such a Juday fan.

Beauty inside with Myra 400E and out with Myra Facial Moisturizer and Myra Hand and Body Lotion. Well, isn’t that just something?

With quarter life crisis hanging on my shoulders for the past weeks, I need something that makes me feel young and look young. I know I can never rewind those days that my skin looked younger but I can at least ensure that it is given the best by products made to give Filipinas young-looking skin longer. And I wouldn’t mind smelling fabulous in the process. With Myra, I am ensured that a long-time tested ingredient, the Vitamin E, will help prevent the skin ageing process and make me feel like I’ll always be in my 20s. I know I can never look like Angel Locsin, who seems to not have aged at all and looks younger and a lot sexier this year. But I could at least try, right?

That’ll surely give the BF more reasons not to let go of me. (Smiles sheepishly.)

Much love,

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