Hostage Taking in Manila Takes a Bad Turn

I can't help but feel utter helplessness.

I am saddened by the news that just came to me. I do not have access to my TV at the moment and was busy finishing some deadlines. I only read and heard the news just now.

I don't think the law enforcement handled this very well. I have always watched crime shows, reality and fiction. I am so disappointed on how this was handled.

And who the F*** issues psychological examinations on the law enforcement??? If it was caught on earlier that Rolando Mendoza has sociopath tendencies, this wouldn't have happened.

I can't believe that in a span of few hours, many lives have been taken by a man who had no justifiable cause to act like GOD.

Let us all pray for the souls that this devil of a person took.

All I can hope is that the Philippines do not pay for the fault of one crazy man.

We'll survive, my country. We'll survive.

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  1. the guy obviously snapped...
    imagine what desperation pushed him to act the way he did...

    no excuse to punish and take the lives of others though...but there are always 2 sides of the story

    mga police talaga...pang old movies parin ang timing...late...and early man wala namang nagawa.

    what a waste of lives....

  2. i hope no one puts the blame on the police alone. these men who also have families have put their lives in the line. if only they had better equipments and better trainings, the situation could have been controlled. its the government's duty to place just funds for the police when situations like this happens. sadly, that is not the case here. Please guys. Never put the blame on them. They also have their own lives to protect. If you were them, would you do the same thing? Im guessing yes. They were poorly trained and its not their fault. they had old weapons and they cant be blamed for that also. Lets stop pointing fingers and think of the bright side. Because the situation can never be brought back nor are the lives lost. Lets be thankful that majority of the hostages have survived. and make this an example of why we should improve our government


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