Ginga Flip-Flops

I can't believe how flip-flops have become such a fashion statement nowadays and how accepted it has become to wear flip-flops almost where ever you go. Personally, I use my flip flops when ever I drive. I love the feel of the rubber and it makes sure that I press on the gas and break just right.

And lately, Ginga has been that friend to me whenever my high heels pinch my toes after a standing too long at an event. I climb in my car and immediately change into my Ginga flip-flops. And what a change it has made. It also rescues my high heels and peep-toe shoes from getting muddied from the rain because this little wonder can withstand any weather. And its easy to clean!

What do I love about Ginga? It's made from 100% recycable materials, it's soft and smooth and it's sturdy like crazy. My Ginga still looks bran new until now, 2 months from when I got them and way affordable that other made from brazil flip-flops.

Yup, I'm definitely a fan.

much love,

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