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I recently visited Nisce (nee-sey) Skin'N Face at the 5th floor of SM Megamall. I've been here a few times before and I was really happy with their facial and mani/ped. My facialist had light hands and their facial masks, soothing. I remember telling their dermatologist then that I didn't want to spend a lot of my regimen so she just gave me something that would dry up my pimples fast. Too bad I wasn't into blogging then because that medication really worked.

Flash back to today, I was given a chance to enjoy the day inside Nisce as they pamper me with footspa, mani/ped, whole body massage and a facial.

As always, I like the location of a clinic inside the mall where I can do numerous things before or after my treatments. I can watch a movie, do my grocery, pick up a new book or even a few pieces of clothing. I can pay my bills or even check out what's new at my favorite boutique. The only thing bad about this is when its weekend and the traffic is coma-inducing and parking is non-existent. Note: Get your facial during weekdays or even before the mall opens on weekends.

Nisce Skin 'N Face offers a lot of service. From head to toe, they sure have something for you. They also have a certified dermatologist that you can consult with especially for severe skin problems. Major treatments are administered by competent and certified people.

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Entrance to the foot spa and manicure area

Can accommodate four people at a time.

toilet is small but its alright.

Hall where separate treatment rooms are located.
I like that there's privacy whenever you get your treatment.

That's where I'll be getting my footspa and mani/ped

my manicure was simple. The manicurist though was skilled. They also have Orly Nail Polishes at Nisce.

I chose Monroe Red since Ate Jen's nail polish looked so nice on her fair skin that I wanted to try it out.

The best part of the footspa in the leg and foot mask which has a minty feel on it. My manicurist also said that it reduces sweating.

I love that SM Wifi is available. I was tweeting the whole time my feet was getting pampered.

The foot wrap takes about 20 minutes although I wanted it to last longer. Hehehe.

The washing of the feet... and the legs.

Overall, I find the footspa and mani/ped gratifying. The price isn't so bad either. It didn't hurt either when the manicurist was taking out my dry skin. No blood shed and I consider that a good sign. The scrubbing and scraping off the dry skin went well, too. This is a nice and relax place to get some pampering since its not so crowded compared to the other nail salons.

Since R was with me, we both decided to get a couple's room for our whole body massage. The couple's room is locaed at the end of the corridor. It has a rustic style.

The door there is a bathroom. No need to run outside, thank God.

The Whole Body Massage was very relaxing. I had back pains due to the dancing I did a few days back and I'm glad to report that after the massage, the pains went away. For Php399, I couldn't really ask for more. It was really nice to get a massage just before watching a movie.

I'm also happy that there is a couple's room so R and I can enjoy the massage together. But we both fell asleep at the middle of our massage. My masseuse was really good with her hands. I like the pressure in between hard and medium on certain locations like the likes and back and she was able to address that. She also concentrated well on the parts I wanted to, like my back.

At the end of the massage, we were asked to not sit up right away but stay for 15 minutes more lying down as to not feel dizzy. R ans I spent that time talking about where to eat dinner and the movie we will be watching after the treatment. After 15 minutes, hot towels were brought to us. Ohh! I love hot towels since I easily get cold.

My Vitamin C facial mask.

The Basic Facial and Vitamin C mask was such a sweet ending to my nearly 5 hour treatments. As expected, my facialist had light hands that the pricking was bearable. I have low pain threshold and no matter how light the facialist's hands are, I will still wince at the pain. But I always think that at the end of this, I will look my best and all my black and white heads will be gone. I love the feel of freshly cleansed face. For those who have large pores, you know what I'm talking about.

My favorite parts of the facial was the thorough cleansing with their facial brush, the laser and most especially the mask. Oh boy do I love the mask that I wish I could take it home. It's the thickest mask that I've ever tried in a facial clinic. It's by far the best, in my honest opinion. The pricking was so worth it because the mask really soothed my skin. And its meant to lighten dark spots, which I have so many from my pimples before.

I also added in the Quick Underarm Bleach for my shaving traumas. For Php500, I plan to have this treatment twice a week for the next 3 months.

Suffice it to say that I really enjoyed my treatments. Having to share that experience with my significant other was the cherry on top. I'm looking forward to my future visits to Nisce because the prices aren't too steep for my budget and they really have competent staff that knows what they are doing. They also other intensive treatments that I would like to tru like their peeling and IPL treatments.

But for the meantime, I'm loving that my skin has became a lot easier to handle and that Nisce is just there to make sure it remains that way.

A beautiful lifestyle with Nisce, indeed.

much love,

To know more about Nisce Skin 'N Face, refer to their website

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  1. It looks like you had a fabulous "Me" time :) I would like to try it too!:)

  2. hi shen,

    how were you able to manage your skin problems? just wondering coz now you look so glowing, can you post your morning and bedtime routine?

    Thanks :)

  3. hi!have u tried their underarm whitening treatment?what can u say?is it effective..planning to have it 2mrw xe.

    any feedback pls? thanks


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