Event: INOA: The Hail Colour of The Future

After 101 years, L'oreal Professionnel again has set its standards to the highest as they introduce to us their latest hair coloring technology, INOA. INOA which stands for Innovation, No Ammonia. The permament hair color system to darken, lighten and cover white hair. Hard to believe that such product could contain no ammonia? Like you, I was skeptical.

But having had the chance to see this innovation is person, I was floored! INOA had no hint of ammonia at all. Instead, at its heart is the the ODS or Oil Delivery System. This breakthrough technology is based on an oil-rich system that boosts the action of the hair color system.

With such technology, who are we to say no to getting that hair color we have always wanted?

Not me, I assure you. I was experimental with my hair but I close my eyes from all the risks and damage that I know many women can't. Now, I don't have to worry about my hair being colored. Having this technology allows me to enjoy a brand new hair color without sacrificing the health of my hair and my senses (common, included).

Bianca Valerio, hosted the INOA event.
Her new hair color was a rave during that night.

No ammonia. No annoying ammonia.

Robbie Lizares, introduces to us the newest hair color innovation, INOA. Very accurately, we provided us the information that caused us to be in awe of the latest hair coloring technology that is brought only by L'oreal Professionnel.

A mime shows us how INOA will be mixed in the Salons.
I can't wait to have mine soon!

No smell at all! I even swatched it on my hand and there was no bad reaction or smell at all!

Check out INOA at your favorite salon!

Models with their beautiful, no ammonia smell hair color only INOA can provide!

This is the hair color I want!

Or this one.. :)

The Hair Color Masters with their muses.

Beauty Bloggers, POC editor and writer who graced the event.
I'm lucky to find myself among these ladies all the time.

Til next hair color!

much love,

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  1. OMG I'm there :P Thanks for posting this last pic. Moreover, it's been a great pleasure meeting you and the rest of beauty bloggers :)


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