Event: Heaven nestle Ice Cream, a Night with the Angels

When I got an invite to the Heaven event, I had a few ideas what it was going to be...

But nothing prepared me for the hunk angel that came to the event!
OMG was he hot. Now i know why we should do good in this earth!

And of course, there was a reason why boys should be nice, too? Just look at all these pretty angels!!

And the hunky angel dude went flying!! Where is he going? I wasn't done staring into his cute eyes!!

Wait wait! They want us to follow them....

Whoah! Heaven indeed is a place on earth. :)

and is that ice cream? Oh wait! I know that ice cream!
I've had that ice cream!!

It was Nestle Heaven Ice Cream's Grand Launch.
Oh.. it was heaven indeed.

There were so much entertainment happening all around us!

Circe Du Soleil acts

Models making us wish we go to the gym often.

Unlimited Ice Cream!

The models weren't just the pretty ones that night...
Fellow beauty and lifestyle bloggers were drawing eyes as well.

including me? oh yes!
Me, Dang, Nikki, Tara, Jen, Earth and Hannah

Earth, Jen and Ronald

Nikki, Dang and Tara

Outfit of the Day/Night:
SM Dept store Dress
So Fab wedges

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