The Best Time for Mosbeau is now

Now that the season has become a lot less hotter and that interaction with the sun are not as frequent during the summer, this is the best time to get on with that whitening treatments.

And since a lot of you girls are probably contemplating on getting married during the second quarter of the year, this is also the best time to start seeking whitening treatments and using whitening products to ensure that you are at your fairest before you walk down the aisle.

When I received these two famous products of Mosbeau, I didn't use it immediately. I was waiting for this time of the year when I know that I could use it to its fullest. :)

Mosbeau Placenta White Gluthatione Supplement.
It claims that with Placenta Protein and Collagen along with Gluthatione, it slows the aging process and provides a youthful skin that becomes fairer day by day.

Mosbeau recommends 4 tablets to be taken a day.
The effect will be faster and you're too see visible results in a few weeks.

The Mobeau White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream is really an effective product.
I've been using this on my elbows, underarm and crotch. There really is a significant change but not so miraculously that I wouldn't need peeling or whitening treatments.

This is a great add-on to speed up whitening on those areas that are prone to darken and traumas.

There you have it! Although always consult a Philippine Dermatological Society certified Dermatologist and your family Physician before taking any medication for health purposes.

much love,

Mobeau Products are available at your favorite Drugstore. Find them easily at Mercury, Watsons and South Star.

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