Beauty and Butter:Half Leg Waxing

I hate shaving, plucking etc. It only makes my hairy condition worst. I am thankful for my parents' genes but having too much hair has made my situation a lot more difficult than the next girl.

It's a good thing that I grew up in an era wherein all unwanted hairs are easily removes and always located at my favorite malls. That way, I can do a lot of things rather than just one thing.

When I had my manicure and pedicure done with Carla at Beauty and Butter, I was ashamed of how hairy my legs have become. It was yucky, so unlady like. So, I scheduled to get my half-legs waxed just before my pedicure.

The procedure was not something I wasn't familiar with. I've tried a lot of leg waxing from plucking, threading, cold wax, honey hot wax and roll-on. This time, it was another roll-on leg waxing. It's one of the best waxing in my opinion. The roll-on was heating using a small machine. After 10 of so minutes, the wax is hot enough but not too hot that it will burn your skin.

The procedure was done in a private room of Beauty and Butter, you will be asked to lay down on their medical bed covered in cute pink cloth. Your legs will be prepared by powdering it with a baby powder. This ensure that your skin is smooth, if an easthetician doesn't use this then she probably doesn't know what she's doing. Beauty and butter uses a white cotton cloth that they never re-use (always a good thing). After the wax was rolled a few times on my half legs, the cotton cloth (shaped like 1/2 sheet of paper lengthwise to cover the height of the leg) was then pressed onto my skin and rubbed a few time in order for the wax along with my hairs to adhere on the cloth. After that, the aesthetician will pull the clothe opposite from your hair growth.

It was pretty painful for me given that I have low pain threshold. But all that was worth it when I saw how much hair was taken out. After each leg, I now have a beautiful (albeit slightly reddish) smooth skin.


A solution will be applied to lessen the redness and make your legs a lot more smoother, so don't jump off the table just yet.

The treatment took a good 10 to 15 minutes to finish. Pretty fast in my opinion. I barely have time to twit that I was getting a leg wax.

Beauty and Butter offers other waxing services for different hairy parts of the body. There is underarm (Php340), Whole Legs (Php900), Eyebrow (Php220), Upperlip (Php220), Brazilian (Php900), Bikini (Php600).

My half leg wax cost only Php500.00. Now a days a good leg wax can cost more than that and around Megamall, Beauty and Butter had one of the reasonable prices.

What I love is how competent and skilled the staff were. They really know what they are doing. I didn't have to point out to her the parts I usually have to point out with others waxing salons.

1. Get leg waxing as soon as the hairs are its normal length and not a moment later. The longer you keep your legs unwaxed, the more that your hair will take and make the waxing painful.
2. Avoid washing your skin immediately after your waxed to prevent chicken skin. Wait for 3 to 4 hours.
3. Don't moisturize before waxing. The oils on the lotion body oil will make it hard for the wax to adhere to the hairs.
4. Exfoliate a day or two before getting waxed.
6. Do not get waxing if you a gnash or broken for hygenic purposes and as to contaminate the skin and worsen your wound.
7. Patch test before getting any part of your wax to see if you're allergic.

There you have it, a smoother hairless legs. :)

Now, for that brazilian... hehehe!

much love,

Beauty and Butter is located at SM Megall and SM Manila

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  1. hi! i'm a new follower and i actually had the guts to start my own blogs because of you.♥ been "following" this even before i had one.
    anyway, that was a great post! the roll-on wax was indeed new and it looks more convenient to use (i think). would you say it was less painful compared to the traditional waxing techniques?
    thanks and good evening.☺

  2. where is this hun? btw, go for the brazilian! :D

  3. @abbie, feels the same for me. :) but i know a lot of people who prefers this rool-on waxing compared to others. they say its because its a lot faster and less mess.

    @sab, watch out for my next wax post. hahaha!!

  4. Thanks for the great tips. I've only shaved my legs and never tried waxing it before.


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