Event: City Girl does Nature and Nurture (A Photo Essay of Nurture Spa Relaunch)

To those who knows me really well, I am a city girl. I love everything about the city. I love the late nights, the 24 hour stores, the malls, the noise and sometimes the scent of the city. My life would probably end in the city and I wouldn't have it any other way.

But sometimes I need to convene with Mother Nature. To smell the scent of fresh air, flowers and the trees. To be woken up by birds and rustles of the morning breeze. To drink tea in a hut and a take the nature in me.

But who can stand the long hours of traveling and the expensive travel fees?

Fortunately, I didn't have to look that far.

Nurture Spa has relaunched last May into a Medi-Spa. This dream destination, just a two hour drive from the metropolis, is the best place to go to get some much needed R&R. Did you just suffer from a medical condition? Do away with your hospital bills and recuperate here in Nature Spa. They have everything you need to renew yourselves into a much healthier you.

When I suffered from colds and cough due to the change of season, I wished I was staying here to recover from my illness.

Amu-in Products are made by the creators of Nurture Spa. Find them in your favorite Beauty by SM Stores.

Relax and lounge before heading off to your treatments

Back and head massage were given to the guests

Josiah's Catering were responsible for the tasty food served.

Yummy Pica-Pica. Too bad I can't eat some since I was in Detox Phase during this time.

We were about to see the Dormitory

Steps to the Dorm rooms

Dormitory can fit 6 beds and one bathroom. I was secretly hoping, there's another shower area. With girls staying here, one bathroom is not enough. LOL.

Decent accommodation for groups.

Spacious Bathroom is A+ for me.

Heritage Ifugao Huts are brought from Ifugao to Tagaytay. I've always wondered how it looked inside.

Lower ground of Ifugao Hut (reminded of the huts in The Farm). I like both, if you ask me.
I'm a sucker for both modern and antique structures.

The wonderful japanese style beds. Don't you just love anything that comes in bayong?

Take for a massage before bedtime. Each Ifugao huts has a massage area.

Spacious bath for two persons.

Other accommodations

As you walk along the path, you'll encounter treatment huts. What a better way to get that much needed relaxation than in an open area amongst nature.

Care to go the honeymoon suite?


There's bathtub and the BF is already planning for us to stay here soon.. :)

The armoire is LOVE!

I want to try this!

Steam Room

Lakad Kalinga

Some rocks were nice to walk on..

some weren't. It was ouch!

The herb garden

Look, its Byahilo!

Care for a massage? How about a unique one?

This place is nature.

Villa for Butterflies, I call this place.
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Nature Spa is also ideal for weddings. Have your wedding and honeymoon here..

My friend Jo and Trixie of Cosmo.Ph intently listening to the talk of Cathy.

We had the Monggolian Beef

The Digital Meridian System provides quite unusually accurate 10 minute Health Assessment

Care for a gold facial? I do! I do!

Souvenir shops boasts of Philippine made products

Just before we went home, I got to have a head and shoulder massage. Sigh!

Time to say bye..

My friends and I will surely want to visit this place soon. I could just feel it.

much love,

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  1. I love body massage! www.coolkidsparty.blogspot.com

  2. wow!!! i fell in love with the place because of your post! LOL! where is it located?

  3. its beautiful place, my friend stay there before and she tell me that people there is friendly and nice accommodation,.


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