Second of Phase of Before the Big Day Program: The Spa Day

When I entered Organic Rituals today, I felt both excited and nervous at the same time. You see, this is the day that I was preparing for. My previous post on Making Momma Proud was about this day.

First Phase: 5-6 days of Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bloat Diet

Second Phase: SPA Day at Organic Rituals (You will be at the spa for more than 6 hours. LOVE!)

consists of the following:

* Phytonutrient and Antioxidant-rich Functional Meals for lunch, snacks and dinner.
* Detox Steam
* Bloat Banishing Massage
* Sun-kisssed Glow Scrub
* Puff Buster Facial
* Belly Buster: Colon Cleanse (Coffee Colonic)
Third Phase: Breaking the Detox Phase (still eating the food you did during preparation but in succession and moderation as to discover allergens and avoid shocking the system)

Now the story...

Second Phase: The Spa Day

When I arrived, Nadine, measured me and found out that I lost more than two pounds. From 115 lbs., I became 113.6 lbs. She also measured my waist. After measuring, she was surprised that I lost 1 1/2 inches around my waist because the usual was half an inch lost during the First Part of the Detox Plan. You can’t imagine how happy I was to hear that. I even thought I gained weight because I was enjoying the food I was eating the past several days.

When Nadine presented me with my lunch of Cleansing Soup and Broth+Flax, I was so scared because it was too green! For non-veggie eater, imagine my surprise and dismay seeing that. Great thing though that Nadine psyched me up to eat it. In the end, I finished both bowls because it didn’t taste so bad. In fact, it actually tastes good!

Then, I had the Detox Steam for 20 minutes. This probably is one of the best steam I’ve tried since the amount of time needed was enough to really help me sweat the toxins off without feeling suffocated. I was literally sweating like a pig. Oink! Oink! I want to do this every week if its allowed. You know what I was doing while I was getting steamed inside this cocon-like steam contraption? I was watching Gossip Girl on my laptop. Yes, you can bring your lappie. Actually, its very much recommended.

After the steam, I had the Sun-kissed Coffee Scrub which made me crave for a big cup of mocha latte. The pure coffee scrub probably removed all the dead skin cells (or what we call libag in tagalog) from my body. I was surprise how intensive the scrub was. I felt squeaky clean after it. And the scent was sooooo heavenly. Oh how I love coffee scents. I could drown in it!

The Puff Buster Facial followed suit after the scrub. My face was basically scrubbed, especially concentrating on my puffy eyes. I took a hot shower afterwards with their organic shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

The Belly Buster Coffee Colonic was the next in schedule. Nobody wants to get anything right up under their tush. But I must say that this experience wasn’t as bad as I thought. It wasn’t even uncomfortable. The coffee stimulates the liver to produce bile and release toxins that will cause you to want to move during the procedure. Don’t worry, their bathroom is squeaky clean and comfortable. I wasn’t that shy because I know that all the people knew the process I was going through. They weren’t intrusive as well and it felt like I had the spa all to myself. It was truly an experience that I would want to repeat again. Nadine, being a nutritionist and having practiced and perfected this skill has the proper qualifications to administer this type of treatment. Her assistant has also months if not years of experience of doing the Detox Program. This was one part of the SPA day that I truly appreciate because I saw immediate results, its as if everything that got stuck inside me was released and my system was cleansed and now, I’m a whole new person. I couldn’t be more refreshed after this treatment.

I had the Bloat Banishing Massage last. It’s a manual Lymphatic Drain Massage that stimulates the lymphatic system which encourages it to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria. The massage was like a traditional hilot of gentle small strokes. The masseuse not only stimulated my lymphatic system, she also relieved me of physical stress and “lamig”. The knots on my shoulders, back, buttocks and literally all over my body are now kaput! This is one unusual massage that I intended to repeat in the coming weeks. Ate knew all the pressure points having learned it in school. She knew which ones to press and those that didn’t need a lot of pressure. I knew I had a lot of knots in my body but what surprised me was that she knew that I skipped meals. My stomach muscle had a dent from it contracting when I’m hungry and not feed it. She said that I would have to stop that practice as it will cause difficulty during pregnancy and giving birth. My massage lasted almost two hours and it was the BEST MASSAGE EVER! Definitely worth all the moolah! I wanted to take Ate home after that.

After everything, we all snacked on Rice Crackers and Tea and chatted about health, blogging and Sex and City. During my treatment, Nikki, one of the owner of Organic Rituals was also on her SPA day.

Of course, I had to get a Organic Mani-Pedi after the beautiful wonderful treatments done to me, so I added that those services. I love how I didn’t get poked at, nor does the skin around my fingers feel dry after nor does it look whitish and puffy. I hate it when my fingers look puffy as if it’s been beaten. I love that my nails are now the perfect square and the polish application was flawless. A++ in my book.

The signal that my SPA day was ending was the dinner of Morrocan Veggie Detox Soup. It was very filling that even after two hours, I still felt quite full. It’s amazing, really.

In between treatments, I was made to drink different types of nutritious concoction made by Nadine that will aid my digestion and detox.

I truly feel amazing. I thought that after the SPA day, I would wish nothing but a bed and would lack the energy to type… but as of the moment, it’s been hours since the end of my treatment and I’m typing away as if I just woke up… Actually, I never felt this great, this fantastic. I feel renewed and refreshed. If I’m a computer, I feel like my body was rebooted, cleaned off of those viruses and trash. I don’t feel bloated and gassy. I don’t even even burp a lot because the food I ingested was so healthy it lacks the things that causes flatulence etc.

This is like a rebirth.

Tomorrow, I will start on the Third Part/Phase of this Detox Plan which is the Breaking down the Detox Phase. I’m not allowed to eat all kinds of meat so only veggies, turmeric rice, fruits and smoothie for this newly cleansed body. I am also to avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages since I may experience severe reaction to any noxious substance when my cells are wide open (the result when one undergoes detox).

It is also important to pay attention to any reaction such as indigestion, itchiness, constipation or diarrhea since I may uncover food intolerance or allergies I may not be presently aware of. I should also eat modestly and highly important to not overeat as not to shock my system.

Nadine informed me that I would notice more loss in weight and waist area in the coming days. Yey!! I definitely see lots of shopping in my future!!!

On Tuesday, I will be meeting again my Nadine to discuss my Weight Management Coaching. This is what I’m waiting for since the Weight Management allows me to eat EVERYTHING but in certain portions and times. Which should really be the case, right?

I love that I’m learning so much, busting health and eating myths that I’ve believed most of my life. Nadine is really equipping me to be a soldier of good health and sexy body! J I simply can’t wait!

If you ask me if its worth every penny to get into the detox plan? I guess you could feel in my post that it really is! This is the best make over ever. Not even makeup can make me feel this good. Can you believe I'm saying that? But I'm glad I have both so I'm doubly ecstatic!

I can't wait.. to be healthy and sexy!!

Much love,

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  1. This sounds so awesome! I hope there's a branch near our place. :) What's The Big Day? Are you getting married? :)

  2. Wow! It looks like you had a really great day at the spa. I'm glad you had a relaxing day away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Congrats on the detox and the primary weight loss. Good luck, I hope you can keep it up!!

  3. So ito pala yun :) Super exciting, partner! I think I need to do this, too :)


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