Review: Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream

I know you've seen tons of posts about the Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream in 02. But you know me, when I rave about a product I like, I really rave about it. :)

Oftentimes, I have tons of words that I will say how much I love a product. Here though, you'll see only pictures. See for yourself why this is a must-have concealer on your stash.

The usual product shots...

I've been using this for months now...

Then the swatches...

blended, unblended

And now for the finale, the reason why this jar has been a staple in my vanity station for quite sometime...

the transformation
first picture: bare
second picture: applied with Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer in 02
third picture: applied with Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer in 02, then set with mineral foundation

first picture: my eyes on my a bad morning with only 4 hours of sleep
second picture: as if I didn't have a bad morning and 4 hour of sleep

Do I really need words?

I don't think so.

5 stars? Let's make it 6, shall we?

much love,

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  1. i see that you use shade 02, what's your MAC shade ??

    Would NC 25 fit shade 02? :)


  2. hindi ba siya ngseset sa mga lines sis... and nagke-cake? and how much is this concealer? thanks!

  3. @jennifer, i'm NC25 - 30. so the 01 is probably for really fair skin like caucasian and indredibly fair asian women.

    @Elsa, i don't notice it getting into my lines but it could probably differ depending on how worst your lines is. i find that the concealers just need to be set with powder to avoid this problem. :)

    what i also like about this concealer is it reudces my puffiness as in contain skin caring ingredients. :)

  4. the concealer costs, P900.++ :)

  5. I used to have this in Shade 01. It really does work wonders on the undereyes. :P

  6. I got one too after reading Nikki's review :) #2 is a tad fair for me but it helps to neutralize the dark circles so I layer over with my skin color concealer.
    Sometimes a really good product really don't need words to express love for it...

  7. is this good for yellow toned skin?

  8. i love this concealer too! Im using #02 NC20-25 for reference.

  9. i had been wanting to try this and most especially the serum... please make a review on the serum... please, please, please ms. shen.. ^__^

    thanks a lot! ^__^

  10. Wow that looks amazing! I'm always looking for the perfect concealer under my eyes!

    Visit my blog too, if you want :)

  11. hi shen! i believe we have the same skin tone so im definitely checking this out! the pictures speak for themselves, this concealer WERKS! ;)

  12. wow. I'm happy that it's good on you.

  13. Wow, this is really great for helping you to achieve that fresh look! I wish it were cheaper. I'll save up for it. :) Thanks for the review.

  14. It looks really good! I've been using Bobbi brown's concealer for years. Might give this one a try!

  15. thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on skinfood salmon concealer! :)

    yes, this is good for yellow toned skins. :)

  16. Hello sis! Thanks for the review. I've been looking for a really *good* concealer to lighten up my undereye. I'll definitely give this a try!!

    And oh! See you tomorrow. :)

  17. Hi SHen, my HG concealer is Cinema Cecrets in 65-A and once I use it all up I will try this one as I've seen tons of review as well for this product. :) Good thing it worked for you! It should coz it's kinda pricey but I guess it lasts a long time :)

  18. hi sis i just bought this on ebay for P471 im just amazed with the reviews i've read recently. ive been looking for a concealer that won't cake up on me, since i have very dark circles i need to put more concealer (im using bare naturals ultimate concealer which is very cheap and is the perfect shade,makes my dark circles literally invisible) but lately my skin became really dry to the point that the concealer is really caking,can't blend well with my dry skin. even if i use a lot of moisturizer!

    if i use this, do you have any recommendation for setting powder? i'd like to try the ellana HD primer/finishing powder in one.. or do u have any suggestion?sorry for the long message hehe!

  19. Shen! bagay ba sa morena to? hehehe you know naman my color. heee. and can you recommend a good setting powder? i use bobbi brown's spot corrector + loreal true match concealer. I ran out of bobbi brown's setting powder (it comes with their concealer and i don't like their cream concealer hehe). Thanks girl! mwah!:)

  20. Hotie_shockz@yahoo.com23/2/11 1:36 PM

    hi:) i just wanna ask some advice.. hindi tlaga ako mahilig mag make up ,etc. ano po ang dapat bilhin ko? bb cream or concealer po? kasi yung mga mata ko, mdjo malalim and dark and i want din sana ma hide yung mga pimple scars.
    i am hoping for your response.thank you and more power:)

  21. Hello!

    Kung hindi ka talaga mahilig mag makeup, I suggest that you get enough sleep, drink lots of water, apply garnier eye roll-on to your eyes religiously and have a healthy eating habits. :) That way, you'll achieve a clear skin that won't cause for you to use any makeup at all.

    Use sunscreen always to avoid skin darkening which causes the acne scars to darken more.

    Makeup is mostly about coverage and usually we can't avoid not to use it. I suggest using both bb cream and concealer (buy na lang a more affordable one) and a pressed powder to set everything and I'm sure you'll look flawless.

    It's hard when beginning to use makeup, but it is up to you to decide what matters more, your dark under eyes or your pimple scars.

  22. Clubharriet4/3/11 12:33 PM

    Oooh i love it! My dark circles are much worse though but i know a salmon colored product will be best. Nothing else has worked.

  23. I tested this and set it with a touch of powder but it looks bad on me. So I use this after my mineral foundation i like its dewy effect and it looks more natural, I have terrible dark circles. Less is more when Im using this. This is HG for me.
     I wanted to try the skinfood salmon eye cream but only a handful of  beauty bloggers have to research more.

  24. joelle_celline5/11/11 5:57 PM

    Nice coverage. Will surely try this out myself. :)


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