Makeover at the Maybelline Event (see what lipstick was used on me!)

Although I'm never one to stay loyal with any brand due to the nature of my beauty blogging, but Maybelline is considered a mainstay on my vanity. Most likely, you'll see their mascara on my bag or dresser. Lately though, Maybelline eyeliners (gel, felt tip and pencil liners) have been putting my high-end brand liners to shame or at least getting in par with them. Whatever Maybelline is doing, they are doing it right.. especially if they keep up in making more and more affordable products that rates high on quality.

Its fun to collate all the pictures like one sees in a magazine. The press kit provided for us at the Summer event gave us CD's that had all the pictures of Maybelline products. :)
What a better way to show you what products were used in my makeover, right?

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Liquid Foundation
Maybelline Angellift Flawless Natural Two-way Foundation
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Luminous Mineral Blush in Gentle Pink

Note: Jim used a lighter shade of foundation for under eyes instead packing on concealer. Great way to use your previous shade of foundation after you get a tan. :)

Maybelline Eye Studio Diamond Glow Shadow in Copper Brown
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner
Maybelline Eye Studio 2-in-1 Impact Shadow Liner in White (lower lash line)
Maybelline Magnum Volum'Express Mascara

Maybelline Colorsentational in Bonbon Pink (love!!!)

Maybelline is really a no nonsense kind of cosmetic line. Everything you need is there and the number of products won't make your head hurt from choosing. You can literally use one product in many number of ways. All Maybelline MUA I've met have such extensive knowledge about the products they use. It's amazing how they can complete a runway look with just one brand of makeup. It is really challenging for me to do the same. :)

One of these days, I will try to get a sit-down interview with one Maybelline Makeup Artist and berate him with questions on how to maximize one product. Wouldn't that be fun?

much love,

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  1. I love Maybelline too, im a fan or their mascara eversince! =) also using their liquid foundies.. you look great Shen! Cant wait to get my hands on Bonbon pink! =)

  2. Your eyes and lips are especially stunning! Love the look!

  3. im also growing a liking for maybelline products.. my recent grab is the colorsensational lipstick in summer sunset.. its the perfect red lipstick for me esp during daytime..
    will try out magnum and their gel liners too cant wait!
    The ViXeN's LaiR

  4. I've seen this transformation in person sis!!! Beautiful!

  5. I love BonBon Pink as well! The color is soo fresh and pretty!


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