Make Momma Feel Special on Mother's Day, the Elianto Way

It's nearly Mother's Day!

Surprise your beautiful, hard-working, patient Mother with these wonderful Gift Packs from Elianto!

Perfect for working moms – this special eye care set combines 2 of elianto’s bestselling eye care items. The brightening eye zone patch effectively lightens dark circles. It also contains collagen to firm and tone the undereye area. The cooling eye gel mask works wonders for stressed eyes– simply pop into the freezer for an hour, place over the eye area and feel it ease the tension from tired overworked eyes! Comes with a free leatherette pouch. Available at P299.

It is springtime - and what better way to experience the full exuberance of the season than getting a bottle of elianto’s spring flowers Eau de Toilette collection. Formulated in France, all scents are inspired by various spring season flowers – cherry blossoms, tulips, camellias. Will definitely make you feel as happy and lighthearted as springtime! Available at P299.

elianto’s Sparkle Nail Lacquer set is perfect for moms who want to add some dazzle into their look. The Sparkling Diva line is a limited edition of luxurious nail shades in rich, glittering colors. Comes with elianto’s floral inspired nail art to add a splash of glamour. The Strawberry nail polish remover is scented and infused with Vitamin E to nourish nails and keep them strong and clean. Available at P399.

Give mom the gift of neatly manicured nails this Mother’s day. This nail care kit comes complete with a 3 way nail buffer, nail trimmer, Strawberry Nail Polish remover, and a bottle of nail lacquer. elianto’s nail polish is renowned for its rich spectrum of colors and rich exuberant tones. Comes with a free leatherette vanity pouch for mom’s other nail care of makeup items. Available at P399.

elianto’s eyeshadow set for mom’s has four delectable eyeshadow shades with a spring inspired refillable palette. Comes with elianto’s bestselling Rose Cleansing Tissue – all packed in a metallic satin cosmetic bag. Definitely eye catching for this mother’s day! Available at P699.
I'm really looking forward to Mother's Day because this day is very important to me. Being so close to my mom, this event was one highlight of the year for her. I make sure I have something for every Mother's Day. I still miss my mom... I think the feeling of loss will never go away. The simple fact of not being able to talk to her (or even fight with her) is something I deal with every single day. But life must go on and I have to believe that she is in the arms of our Lord, resting from all the weariness of this world.

Okay, got to stop now.. tears are nearly falling.

If I were you, find that special gift for her at Elianto. The gift packs really are unique and would surely go appreciated by your mom.

much love,

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  1. thanks for posting shen, the gift sets are very affordable! sigh, malapit akong naiyak sa post mo.. i'm sure your mom misses you too! =.(


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