Blogger Event: Promod Style It Out For Me "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Who would have thought a plain silly girl like me would have some style sense? Well, it wasn't a one-woman theme because Teeyah was there to help me out. Our labor of love or should I say, the outfits we want to wear if we were as tall as those French women, won us the Promod Style Challenge.

During the event, we got to have a fun time with fellow bloggers that we usually see on beauty and fashion events. It was fun seeing Lace, Tere, Bambi, Earth, Lauren, Geolette and Nikki. The stylists Jo, Alex, Shanna, Arnie was also present for the event. Support from fellow bloggers like Azrael, Earth, Leira and Lauren's BF was truly appreciated. Too bad that Bianca, one of the blogger contestant wasn't there to join the festivities.

Teeyah and I already conceded to just take home the loot bags for those who joined. Win or lose, we had an experience that is unforgettable. After all, we didn't really have the proper skills and knowledge when it comes to fashion except for what we think exuded our personalities and needs the best. We were just out to have fun. (Cue Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun song)

So, there we were like two giddy children having the time of our lives as we look at the mannequin wearing the clothes we created. My heart skipped a beat seeing my site on a 32 inch flat screen TV for everyone to see in Megamall Atrium. It was already a winning moment for me having been a contestant and my site displayed like that.

But when our names were called as one of the winners of the Promod, Style it Out For Me Je ne sais quoi Challenge made me (followed by Tara) jumped for joy. Yes, I was hopping. Gone was my poise and it felt like I was being called on stage on Wowoweee or even won the lottery. That's how surprised we were. We really didn't expect it. up to this day, we don't know what we did right for the judges to like our work.

The second floor Megamall Atrium transformed to a what seems like a Hollywood set of a French Cafe.

The music couldn't have set off the moment any better. Great team you have there, Sirs!

Beautiful people of Promod with Ms. Janelle, Branch Manager for Promod Megamall.
Wouldn't you just love her job?

Large LCD TV by Sansui were provided for each of the bloggers who joined the contest.

Looking up and thanking God for this blessings.

Entry by Lee Shen Gee and Tara Cabullo

It’s a “Casual Day Straight From the Runway" by Nikki Tiu and Shanna de Guzman

A mix of soft and rough textures by Lauren Dado and Alexandra Lapa

“Party Diva" by Jill Sabitsana and Tessa Santos-Eastgate

“Statement Necklace" by Bambi dela Cruz and Argie Salango

“The Film/Theater Student" by Bianca Consunji and Geolette Esguerra

“French Nautical" by Lace Llanora and Joanna Lei

Food was from Bizu.. Yum!!

Bea, Shanna, Nikki and Mags and Nikki's entry

Nikki, me, Bambi, Teresa, Lace, Jo and Tara

because we love to take pictures
Alex, Lauren, Jo, Shanna, Nikki, Leira, me, Bambi, Teresa, Lace, Earth and Tara

Me with our Carrie Bradshaw inspired outfit

Tara with our Carrie Bradshaw inspired outfit

Earth and Char Vilchez with our entry

Jo with their French Nautical entry

Pam, Bambi and Char with Bambi's entry

Nikki, Lauren and Lauren's BF. :)

Alex, Lauren, Lauren's BF and Nikki

Karyl of, me and Bambi

Alex and Lauren

Monina and Karyl, both of

winners of the Promod Style Challenge
Tara, Shen and Geolette. Bianca was with us in spirit. :)

Geolette and her significant other. :)

The beautiful and stylish judges
Isabel Roces, Mich Dulce and Isha Andya
(my jaw dropped seeing these ladies! they are all so pretty and for them to be judge made me more nervous)

Tara, Nikki, Mags, Bea and Shanna

Shanna, Tara, Nikki and I

Me and Char Vilchez of Stratworks
This woman was the reason why this day became one of the highlights of my life.
I may not save the world or cure cancer, but this event made me feel so good about myself. Especially that I got to spend it with dear blogging friends.

Tara and Char Vilchez

Char and Nikki

Teresa and Char Vilchez

Char Vilchez and Shanna

Arnie and Char Vilchez

Me and Mich Dulce

Tara and Mich Dulce

Me and Isabel Roces

Tara, me and Isabel

Pam, Me and Isha

Tara and Isha of Style Bible


The winners not only get to go home with GC's but their entries will be displayed as well at the window of Promod Atrium. Le sigh!


To the people of Promod Megamall who helped us in our styling challenge.
Thank YOU very much!

To Charisse Vilchez of Stratworks who made this event possible for the all bloggers. For letting us experience French high street fashion unlike any other. To Pam Sison of Promod, who was supportive and encouraging during our style challenge. To Ms. Janelle who was patient with us running around Promod. And to Mark for hauling the mannequins and changing them with clothes we picked. :) Thank you! Thank you!

To my fellow bloggers and contestants, we are all winners! Most of us may not have been to Paris and may not be all too familiar with what french high street fashion is... but this event alone proved us that we all have that Je Ne Sais Quoi!

much love,

Special thanks to Megamall Atrium, Promod, Bizu and Stratworks

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  1. Hi Shenster :) Congratulations again to you and Tara for winning. Thanks for posting photos (including me) ang dami! :) labs mo ako.

    You know what? You're right, we've never been to France but its a wonderful event and experience we'll keep in our hearts for life talaga to! Whenever I see Promod, I have this huge smile on my face :)

  2. I still am very high from this win! And yes, super surreal talaga our mannequin is on display!!!! :)

    Thanks for including my photos in your post, Shen! And I cannot thank you enough for getting me as your partner. Mwah!


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