What's keeping me busy?

I've noticed that I've been a bad blogger of late. Not only have I no beauty posts but even now, this post isn't about beauty...

Blame these three adorable babies...

The Most Behaved Eldest: Duke
(You can bring Duke to Mass and he won't make a sound. People can't help not to take another look. He's just the best pet ever.)

The Unica Hija: Duchess
(The only girl in the brood, she's very sweet and malambing. She loves having her belly rubbed.)

The Garbage Collector: Marchio
(He likes rummaging where there's paper. I'm training him now that tissue is not a food and my iphone charger is not a chewtoy. But that doesn't take away cute points with us. We just love to cuddle with him.)

Can you really blame me now? You can't, right?? Who can when they just beckon you to pet them with their cute puppy eyes. :)

For days now my puppies has been keeping me up and about playing and caring for them. And after that, I hardly have the energy to do anything else. They are just too cute to resist than my laptop. We also got to spend an overnight vacation in Laguna and one of them was able to enjoy the pool. :) Hehehe!

The BF and I are on the verge of planning our very first family trip. Somewhere near but out of town where the dogs can freely play... Can you guess where that is?

I may not have my own kids yet but these puppies are sure making it worth the wait.

much love,

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  1. OMG. I think I died and went to pet heaven when I saw Marchio! The cutest thing ever! :)[Duke and Duchess are both cute, too, but Marchio is definitely the cutest!) And your moniker for him, the garbage collector is just adorable! :)

  2. ohh so cute! who can resist the cutest?

  3. i know he's a dude but duke is beautiful! :)

  4. CUTE! OMG. Can I borrow them? HAHA. :D

  5. OMG... They are adorable... if my 2 yr old baby girl saw these pics she would go crazy. :]

  6. They're all so adorable! I wish I have the patience to regularly brush and groom furry dogs. I have a Golden Retriever, and boy is he hard to brush! My other dogs, A Labrador and 2 Miniature Pinschers, are more low maintenance :D

  7. oh my gosh, they're so cute... I love dogs and I want one!

  8. they are so adorable ♥

  9. hi shen! ur dogs are so cute! i might try that Purple Groom soon.
    i also have two pomeranians (boy and a girl) and a male shitzu. my girl is black too. :) i do love getting a puppy cut for my shitzu but as for my poms they haven't had any grooming yet.. they're just 2 mos and 5 mos. at what age do they start getting groomed?


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