Revisited: Elianto at SM The Block (a haul post)

It's been years last I visited Elianto at SM The Block. The last visit I made here was when mom was still with us. SM North EDSA holds a special place in my heart. My mom and I spent a better part of my youth in this mall. It was hard not to tear up when I drove there... I didn't help that I was wearing mom's perfume.

But enough with the reminiscing and let's get on to one of the best part of the evening....

Elianto invited beauty bloggers for dinner yesterday night to talk about beauty and makeup trend. Of course, my talkativeness (again!) overpowered a few conversation. Really I need to shut up most of the time. LOL.

After the talk, we were toured at the Elianto SM The Block. I was surprise with all the new products available. They now have a mineral makeup line and new skin care lines that are made with natural products. I still remember the last time I visited, I hoarded on Buy 1 Take 1 eyeshadows. Now, they have new packaging that is fit for the chic in all of us. I really love the newly revamped items.

It was really nice to get reaquainted once again with Elianto.

Haul Time!!

Elianto Miracle Multiplex BB Cream 02 Natural (Php799.00)

Best seller of Elianto to date. I was curious to try this BB Cream. I really am not much of a fan of BB Cream since I think it aggravates my oiliness. But a variant that provides oil control seem to be promising. So far, Elianto BB Cream has the closest matcch to my skintone. All their BB Creams actually have 3 skin tones available so its easy to find your match. Yey!

Swatch of #02 Natural.
See how it closely matched my skintone?
(color may appear lighter due to flash)

With external flash.
My hand though appeared a tad lighter didn't really give out that whitish cast I was expecting.

Elianto Firming and Revitalize Eye Zone Treatment Patch
Brigheting Eye Zone Treatment Patch
(Php169.00 for 12 pairs each pack)

Elianto Green Tea Lip & Eye Make-up Remover (Php399.00)
(For all skin types)

Tried it first night and works really well taking off my gel eyeliner and mascara.

Pearl Shine Eyeshadows (Php149.00 each)

Both are named 14 Light Salmon. I think they revamped both colors.
I chose to get these two for it looks good as a highlighter for the browbone, nose and upper planes of the cheekbone.
I bought both so I have a yellow and pink toned. :) The one on the left would definitely look look as cheek highlighter or to just dap on top of your blush.

swatches: no flash and with flash

Elianto Fiber Mascara in Brown (Php195.00)

Can you believe that this is only Php195?
If you want a more natural application when it comes to mascara and yet want that vavavoom lashes, this is the one for you. None will notice you even have mascara on. I wouldn't be surprise if people even ask if you had lash extensions on. Boy oh boy is this waterproof, too! :)

The consistency reminds me of Lancome's usually dry mascara formula.
But in Elianto, you can actually see the fiber attached to the wand.
Kinda reminds of that CSI gadget when they try to get fingerprints. LOL.

That's it. The reviewing part will still continue. But I can tell right now how promising all these stuff I got.

Thanks to Elianto for the wonderful night! :)
Do join their Facebook account. They have an ongoing Summer contest there!
Click here!

Til next post!

much love,

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  1. curious ako sa eye & lip makeup remover, im looking for an inexpensive one to try. wow their mascara looks nice.

  2. My first encounter with Elianto was with the nail colours. I really loved them on my fingers -then I had a falling off due to parenting and other offline responsibilities. They also have them in SM Mega Watsons. I'm saving up for the make-up remover. ^___^

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. i think i might try the eye & lip MU it safe even if you have a sensitive skin?

  4. Shen I hate you! You're tempting me again. Your post makes me want to purchased that mascara...:)

  5. i wasn't able to post a comment when i read this for i was busy at that time...

    it made me go 'awww...' & makes me wanna hug you when you said that you remember your mum
    *hugs tight*

    you sure have a lot of great memories on SM north... but you know, i think when you wore your mum's scent it just means that she enveloped you in a great big hug together with the flashes of memories. your mum is always with you,hun.

    as for the haul...i was surprised when you said that the fiber mascara is just! that's really cheap!

    but i am beginning to hate mascaras that got waxy/dry formula. i'd rather go for a watery formula especially on fiber mascaras..i have tried nyx doll-eye mascara & it made the fibers clumpy because of the formula. fiberwig mascara is really good...

    1 of the great things about elianto is that the price is cheaper compare to others...the selection is good din


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