Perfect Skin is but 10-Steps Away

I have been awed by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for years now. I first heard of her brand when when I was watching a certain show in Lifestyle channel back in my college days. I thought then that her makeup speaks so much of being a woman who is uncompromising. Her mind seems to be dead set on giving women what they want. Well, who knows better than a woman to give what women wants but someone whose passion is beauty and cosmetics?

For years now, Bobbi has made women convert to makeup. She doesn't seem to discriminate herself from other cosmetic brands and yet maintain her own persona that sets her apart. Reading her book Makeup Manual, made me a firm believer that cosmetic is indeed for everyone. No need to shy away from cosmetics, I tell you. And here, I'll tell you why.

I was recently invited by Bobbi Brown Philippines to personally try out some of their cosmetics by way of achieving a perfect beautiful skin in 10 easy steps. Now, I'm not about to tell that you need to buy all the products you see in the photo essay below. Rather, I encourage you to explore the Bobbi Brown counters here in our country and see if something strikes your fancy as you practice the 10 Step Beauty routine.

This was the before picture (before everything else)

Skin Care is vital in all beauty regimen/routine/practice. I honestly don't know any women my age who doesn't have her own skin care kit at home that she uses day and night. The purpose of which is to make your skin maintain its youthful glow and suppleness.

Bobbi Brown Brightening skincare line does exactly that... and at first try, I was impressed. My skin was noticeably smoother and less "harag" looking.

Personally, I stray away from anything that says moisture or hydration in skincare since i thought this would make me look more oilier. Contrary to the popular belief, it didn't. I felt like a dunce trying to convince myself I didn't need all that hydration when it clearly was the answer. Since my face was moisturized, my oil glands didn't work doubly hard. Hence, oil was less existent (if not entirely eradicated). I was only after a few hours on the Tzone area. Suffice it to say, It was love at first sight. What more if I got to buy the whole set... Le sigh.

Aside from the Brightening Skin Care, Hydrating Eye Cream was used to depuff my eyebags.

On to the Steps:

Step 1 Corrector/Concealer

Concealing is very important in an achieving the perfect-looking skin. For some of us, a simple concealer would do but for those who share the same dilemma as I do, correctors do come in handy (or should I say saves the entire look). Bobbi Brown peach corrector is a definite must-have. I thought that the creamy consistency does not bode well for oily skin but it did blend seamlessly and stayed put for the better part of the day. I love it. This will definitely go on my must-buy-ASAP list. No joke.

Peach corrector and Warm Beige Creamy Concealer Kit was used on me.

Step 2 Foundation

Swatching is very important like what I told you in my Guide to makeup shopping. This goes the same for your foundation. The good thing is, Bobbi Brown appeases your worry and swatches 3 foundation on your skin and helps you determine what shade suits you best. Remember, the one that disappears on your skin in the natural light is the best shade for you.

When applying foundation, you need only to concentrate on evening out your skin tone and do not entirely need to cover your face with the foundation but only where there's redness. Personally, I didn't think this type of technique will work but with the years Bobbi Brown has on me, who am I to question?

Warm Beige of Skin Foundation with SPF 15 was used on me.

Step 3 Powder/Bronzer

Now this is a step that should never be missed. This finishes the whole face. With this, you are ready to go, in my opinion.

Bobbi Brown shares that Bronzing Powder helps add a little warmth to the skin. If you know me, you know I love bronzers. So I definitely agree on her with this one. The thing is many are scared of bronzer. The simple trick is less is more. Dab your powder brush lightly on the bronzer, tap and even swipe of a little at your wrist and swipe over cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

If you like taking advise from me then you should take this advise as well since its from Bobbi Brown.

At this point, you can consider yourself ready to go with just a wipe of a gloss. Bobbi Brown designed the 10 Step beauty in such a way that you can stop at any moment you feel like you're... well, good to go. If the cab arrived early or the meeting was moved an hour early, the first 3 steps and even succeeding ones are enough to give you that flawless finished look.

Soft Sand Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder was used on me.

Step 4 Blush

Bobbi's philosophy is blush is quite new to me. But this new trick always the color to show more on the skin and for it to stay on longer.

First is the application of a nuetral blush (light mauve). Blend upwards to the hairline and downward to give that natural blushed look. When we blush, the colors are not really even, we may appear redder on either both side of the cheeks and theirs a gradient to it. The trick is to even it out and to accentuate it.

Adding a pop of color (bright pink for example) give a longer lasting look. Not to mention, mimics a perpetual blushed and flushed appearance.

This trick did me in, it was one of the best blush application I've ever seen in my 2 years seeing how blush is applied.

I think Plum and Peony shades were used on me.

Step 5 Lipstick/Gloss

Apply a balm first before color to give your lips that moisturized look. I personally do this after my skin care routine to prep my lips. (That's people think I also have nice lip color application.) The lip balm moisturizes my puckers that makes it easier for me to swipe off the color, even without a lip brush.

Bobbi's trick in finding the perfect everyday lip color, the most flattering shade will either match or be slightly darker than your lips. In this makeover, Dennis used Brown on me.

To be honest, lip liner is the least cosmetic product I use. I find it drying on my lips. With Bobbi Brown's trick though, there is no reason that my lip liner should stay doormat on my stash. To avoid feathering of lip color, lining my lips with Lip Liner after lip color should help avoid it. Lip brush in aid to blend both lip liner and color together.

Step 7 Brows

I may not be good at coloring and shaping my brows but this is one step I never forget. In my routine, this is after powder application since i have thin eyebrows. I can't go out looking like Powder.

Bobbi Brown advised that Eye Shadow color nearest to your eyebrows should give you most natural, define brows. Use your favorite Eye Brow Brush. Begin at the inner corner and work your way out as you follow the most natural shape suing light feathery strokes.

If your application was way too harsh than intended, pressing loose powder onto your brows with a powder puff should lessen the harshness.

Sable Eyeshadow was used to give that perfect brows.

See? I look good so much better than the before pic already. And I haven't had any eyeshadow done yet. :)

Step 8 Eye Shadow

Bobbi's trick here looks easier than anything I've ever seen. A light eyeshadow applied from lashline to browbone using your favoirte shader brush. Then dust a medium color on the lower lid up to the crease using your favorite shadow brush or in my case, blending brush.

Dennis used Ivory and Sable eyeshadow on my eyes. Then the Top Rated Bronzed Shimmer Brick to give me that daytime smoky look.

Step 9 Eye Liner

My favorite among everything in eye make up application is lining my eyes. The trickiest and hardest but my most favorite since this helps me look appear more awake.. and well, looking real good. I have to say the Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner did its job extremely well since I still had it on without so much as a budge until the wee hours of the morning. It even stayed put on my watery waterline!!

Step 10 Mascara

True black Mascara makes the most impact, Bobbi says. And she's right in my opinion. I don't have any other mascara color except for black ones since it gives my eyes a more wide awake look. Brown is more for softer look, she adds.

In my opinion, mascara is the last in almost all makeup routine to make sure that your lashes isn't coated with foundation that may drag your eyes down, giving you a very unfinished and unflattering look.

Always curl lashes before applying mascara.


A little fixing of the hair

et viola!

no flash

products used

After more than 9 hours, here are the photos of my eye makeup
(without a primer except the foundation stick applied on my eyelids)

If you're wondering what else in on my Must-Buy-ASAP list, its the:
1. Hydrating Eye Cream - I have the sample. I've seeing changes already. Definitely less puffiness.
2. Creamy Concealer in Warm Beige - Easy to use, covers a lot and travel-friendly.
3. Long-Wear Gel Liner - Long-wear is an understatement. More than 9 hours of it staying put was eternity for me.
4. Skin Foundation with SPF 15 - This will be my new everyday foundation. It's soooo light!
5. Brownie Lip Color - this is every Warm medium skin tone girl's everyday lip color. You don't need to exercise your brain cells with this one, I tell yah.
6. No Smudge Mascara - do I really have to explain this? It says no smudge and the wand is amazing!! Get in to all those eyelashes, top and bottom.

Thank you once again to the Bobbi Brown Philippines Blossom and Ina for inviting me to this personalized event. To Dennis of Bobbi Brown counter in Rustan's Shangri-la who showed me the step by step and giving a look that wowed my friends and the BF.

Visit to explore the wonderful products of Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown 10-Step Beauty Guide.

Join Bobbi Brown Philippines facebook fan page.

much love,

Soon. I'll show you my the Bobbi Brownie Lip Color I got to take home with me.
Also, the Bobbi Brown Lip Color in New Guava, a shade from the Cabana Corals Collection. My first Bobbi Brown purchase. :) A lip color fit for this summer season.

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  1. you look so the makeup on you. it's so natural. must be the foundation, i can see that it matches your skin perfectly. i'm also loving the blush and lipcolor...everything! thanks for sharing.

  2. i enjoyed reading this, i wasnt intimidated by the title at all because i think my routine has more than 10 steps hahaha!

    Bobbi Brown is THE beauty guru imho, i love reading her books especially the makeup manual. As for her MU products, i love the rich color gloss! You should try it! :)

    Thanks for sharing your makeover Shen, you look great!

  3. Very beautiful, sweetie! :) And I like the step by step. Weee!

  4. gorgeous mo sisterhood! Love the eye makeup even after several hours, fresh na fresh!

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  10. I love Bobbi Brown! You look amazing :)

  11. Bobbi Brown is the best make- up brand for everyday looks imo, the colors, especially the foundation shades, are really formulated to look natural. :)


    OMG! He's very nice. I miss him..he used to be in makati... :(

  12. I love Bobbi Brown and the result is so stunning! I love your eyes!

  13. Wow Shen, you look great! Thanks for all the step-by-step photos and info you posted. Also, the product list is very helpful!

  14. you look so pretty shen! your makeup looks so natural..

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  16. Oh my gosh, Shen you look amazing! The foundation really blended on your skin perfectly which is what I really want to achieve. I am a Bobbi Brown convert from now on.

  17. allthatglitz7004/1/12 2:57 PM

    they made ur eyes smaller by stopping the eye liner b4 ur natural lash


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