Anew introduces Whitening and Brightening Breakthrough

Whitening is an ever popular skin discussion in the Philippines. With the countless celebrities and personalities who sports the fairest skin possible, its not so surprising that many women makes it an effort to acquire a fair and bright skin tone.

Anew introduces its latest product that took 10 years to accomplish. Can you imagine that such breakthrough could now happen when women needs such a science the most? I'm really impressed.

Anew 360 White

Such science now can TURN OFF the sources of dark skin cell production. While some of its ingredient TURN ON the cells that revitalizes your skins. Taking away those flaws and dark spots as it gives your skin vibrance and vitality.

Imagine a skin that is not only fair but gives a glow that comes from within. That's because Anew Whitality skin care line is not just whitening. It does not only go skin deep.. it goes way beyond that. It whitens from inside-out. Now, that I want.

Anew 360 Degrees White Protective and Vitalizing creams will be available on May 1, 2010 with your Avon Lady.

Complete your regimen with Anew 360 Degrees White Cleansing and Toner.

Lea Salonga, Anew 360 White ambassador.

“Avon has been my constant beauty partner for decades now, tracing back to my repertory days. I consider it a great honor to again be chosen by Avon for Anew. I equally take pride in unveiling this latest skincare innovation - Anew 360 White. I feel happy to share the secret to skin whitality with women who have always wanted fairer skin that glows with vitality,” said Ms. Salonga.

Definitely, we all could benefit from a little skin improvement. And one way to achieve it is to try a whitening product. Let's try Anew.

much love,

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  1. Shen this I love to try, I used to be so fair last year but became tanned this year so I wanted my original color back! Will try this thanks for sharing :)


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