Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Movie in Theaters Today!

"The best people usually are.." Father's Alice said to her when she asked if she going crazy with her dreams of Wonderland.

When we were kids, our dreams were limitless, boarderless. We didn't have any apprehension on what we want in life. A round house, a flying car, overflowing cupcakes... We wanted to be astronauts, inventors and to join the circus. But when we became adults, all these dreams, all these childish hopes got tampered down by reality. Sad ain't it?

What if now we see that white rabbit running and that we must hurry because we are late. Late for what?

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland will tap the child in us. The child who had no fear to do anything. That scratches and bruises are of no consequence.

Alice, perplexed by the sudden death of her father and her family pressuring to marry to secure her future. What does a girl who think 6 impossible things before breakfast do? She runs away in pursue of a white rabbit. She then fell into a hole that brings her back to the curiouser and curiouser world of where she fell in.

Was she the right Alice? Was she the one to champion the White Queen to defeat the Jabowerwocky? But the creatures of Underland isn't sure. The Mad Hatter even said that she may have lost her muchness.

What strikes me in the film is the continuous belief of Alice that everything is just a dream and that she would wake up any second. Her courage shows each time she is ordered to do something that she didn't want. For a woman like me faced in the same predicament of following society's expectation, I didn't realize that I do have a choice. That it must be me who decides my fate and damn the consequences.

The ending of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland is similar with how I've always wanted my journey to begin. With a courage to pursue my dreams and to be the herder of my life. I know people means well when they wish me to comply with their orders. But I have dreams that differ from them. It may sound crazy and bonkers... but isn't the best people exactly just that?

Alice In Wonderland is movie that gives me hope that I am in the right path in fulfilling my dreams. It may not fit the standards of many but I won't feel sorry for it. And that dream isn't exactly something I want to wake up from.

"It's only impossible when you think it is." says the Mad Hatter.

To me, it does make a lot of sense but add on to that, a little bit of "muchness."

Bring back the child in you in this year's Alice In Wonderland Movie by Tim Burton this March 4, 2010. While at it, bring a child to remind them that imagination and having tons of it is quite the thing.

Alice in Wonderland movie will be available in all Philippine theaters starting March 4, 2010. And for the IMAX 3D, it will be available only at SM North EDSA IMAX Theater.

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much love,

Come now, you can't be late. :)

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  1. aw! wala in MOA, dun pa naman namin balak panoorin!

  2. I'll watch it this Saturday in GB3, in 3D too! I'm excited!

  3. im excited to see the movie!

  4. Yes, the only limit that we have is imposed by our minds. The mind is very powerful that we can do anything, only if we will it :)

    I'm so excited to watch Alice in Wonderland this weekend! :)


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