Product Breakthrough: L'oreal Paris Renewal Lash Serum

I'm lash obssessed, methinks. I clamor for the latest mascara and even buy them despite many of them has a high price tag to it. I'd like to think that mascaras love me as much as I love them. Yes, I really do. Since I already have a naturally decent thick and long lashes I feel that mascaras and I compliment each other. So vain of me to think so, I know. But what can I say. It's so easy to love what you have naturally.

However, with constant use of mascaras and the fact that every 60 days some of lashes falls of to give birth to new ones. We wouldn't want this if we already have sparse lashes, do we? But thank God for cosmetic innovations and science because there are many lash serums out there that aids in rejuvenating our lashes and help them grow. But with the expensive prices of these lash serums, some of us opt to just... well, live with what lashes we have.

Not for long, though.

L'oreal Paris came up with this newest product called Renewal Lash Serum. Used by many celebrities in Hollywood and models.

It's like a prayer answered. A budget-friendly Lash Serum for everyone!

Who can resist? Surely, not an addict like!

much love,

Renewal Lash Serum is only Php845.00. Available at your favorite L'oreal counters.

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