New Addiction: Colour Collection Lipstick

Divine Wine, Rose Minx, Paradise Pink, Fuchsia Glitz

I was not about to share something that I personally didn't try. :)

As much as I can, i try to give you guys my own personal experience of the new and newer product I feature in my site.

So, here goes one for you.

I was lucky enough to try Colour Collection lipstick. To see for myself if my staffs' review of it were truly accurate. They themselves have been a fan of Colour Collection saying that is very pigmented and does not cause their lips to chap. Personally, I was intrigued because on me, highe end brands makes my lips chap and dry like the Sahara dessert.

The colors available for this cosmetic brand seem to not confuse me so much. They have enough colors to choose from but it won't hurt my head to make a choice. I hate spending so much time deciding on what to buy so selected colors are a must for me.

Upon trying the different collection of Lipstick, i found that the colors are indeed pigmented. Even the ones they claim to say they are sheer won't give you a hard time applying the exact amount of color you want.

For Php169 to 199; this is one lipstick worth a try.

(colors may appear lighter due to flash)

Paradise Pink
Fuchsia Glitz
Rose Minx
Divine Wine

I want to collect them all!!

Shen's Notes:
Paradise Pink
is a close dupe of Nars Schiap but more wearable.
Rose Minx is like a sister of MAC Cosmo but instead of pink brown, its peach brown.
Divine Wine is a great color for making a statement or a great pasalubong for mom and lola.
Fuchsia glitz is a party lipstick that reminds me of a lipgloss that Michelle Phan sported in her recent clubbing FOTD video for Lancome. Add your clear lipgloss on top of this shade and you've got a great clubbing lipcolor.

  • In wearing any lipstick or lipgloss, it is very important to apply your favorite lip balm to start the conditioning process of it.
  • Better yet, apply lipgloss prior to sleeping at night to keep your lips moisturized. Aircon and electric fan may cause your lips to dry up when you're sleeping.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Milk has been known to provide strong bones but it is also very good on the skin. Do drink one glass of milk before bedtime to keep your lips supple as much as the rest of your skin.
  • Don't overdo the lip liner, this tends to dry up your lips even more.
  • A lip brush will help give you a precise application when applying your lipstick, do invest in one.
  • When applying lipstick, start from inner to outer lips to avoid straying out of the lines. Remember our color-book days?
  • Do stick your finger on your mouth and do the sip-like motion on your mouth to remove excess color that may travel to your lips.
  • Make your lipstick lasts longer by dabbing a finishing or face powder on your lips before applying your lipstick.
More lipstick in the future!! I'm beginning to be a lipstick addict... wait, am i not already?

much love,

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  1. hi where is this available?

  2. omg those lip colors/swatches are sooo pretty. I personally think there is no such thing as too much lip stick lol.

    and the price are sooo awesome as well.

  3. Paradise pink looks gorgeous!!!

  4. i've never heard of this brand but it looks nice. you're right about the rose color, i looked at it and it reminded me of MAC cosmo. where can i get my hands on this?

  5. been looking for a NARS Shiap dupe.. i wanna try Paradise pink! thanks shen!

  6. hi.. nice reviews !! saan ko po ito mabibili??? thanks!

  7. if you know any seller of Saralee or Tupperware, they sell colour collection. :)

  8. Macarambon, norolain L.27/8/11 1:15 AM

    cant buy theres no colour brand here mindanao particularly CAGAYAN DE ORO... or mybe i can order thru webdite..i guess???????????

  9. macarambon, norolain L.27/8/11 1:16 AM

    oo..gud to know saralee pala heheh..

  10. Jerrymae_ehms28/9/11 4:00 PM

    i love the paradise pink . actually i had 20 lipsticks in just 3 months .


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