Hot Accessories for Summer, Ladies. Take your pick!

When I tell you that beautiful things doesn't need to cost you an arm... I'm telling the truth. Almost 90% of beauty bloggers out there will say the them.

Just look at these babies... :)

my newest ornaments.. on myself.

Necklace - Php550
Bracelet - Php375
Ring - 599

The necklace reminds me of one of my own accessories but this is a lot more affordable.

Earrings - Php430

Hoop Earrings - Php375

Dangling Earring - Php399

Bracelet - Php330

Ring - Php399

Detachable dangle earrings - Php399

Isn't the prices spell love (and affordable)? It does, doesn't it??

To think that this is available at AVON!
It's their newest Spring/Summer Collection for 2010.

I'm not kidding... these beautiful pieces is just a call away from your favorite AVON Lady! :)

Feast more on these items soon to up on MANILABEAUTYBLOG.

If you want to have one of these pieces, join my Anniversary contest here. I won't tell what piece it is.. okay okay! I give up! But I'll just give a clue, it has pearls on it!

much love,

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  1. aww, the necklace is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Oh wow we have the same ice cream bracelet! I do love Avon's accessories they last long :)


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