airbrush makeup event

Event: GlamBox Cosmetics (Airbrush Makeup & Bloggers Meet and Greet)


Glambox Cosmetics Airbrush Makeup

see how compact and small GLambox compressor is?

Valerie of GlamBox showing us how the airbrush gun works

Sophie testing Glambox on her arm

Jane of
Before (she's so stunningly radiant!)

After (Airbrush foundation by Sophie Uy, Eye Makeup by Bambi Dela Cruz)
Ate Jane looked so glam and seem to be ready to host a fab event.

Lauren of

Cher of

Nikki of

Hannah of

winners of the day! :)

Lifestyle and Beauty Bloggers of the Philippines. Mabuhay!

Sophie of and Phoebe of
Canon G11 craze (this pic was also taken from Canon G11)

Me, Nikki of, Sophie of, Phoebe of
It's been a long time... Missed you. I miss Jheng of and Jaimie of!!

Five things I learned about GlamBox Airbrush cosmetics.

1. It's extremely affordable.
Starter kit: Php8,500.00
Deluxe kit: Php11,800.00
2. Easy to assemble. Took me less than two minutes to assembly mine.
3. Not all too intimidating to use. I was surprise how easy it was to manipulate the airbrush gun.
4. Achieves a flawless makeup look. Great for events like wedding, for those who have troubling fine lines or for simply creating the most natural-looking makeup.
5. Airbrush cosmetics is for everyone!

Check out Glambox at

you'll find everything there you need to know to start some airbrush addiction.

much love,

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  1. you are all beautiful and fabulous in your own way.

  2. You all look fab!

    I envy you ladies for having beauty blogger events like this. I wish I were in the Philippines.

  3. you all look great, ladies!

    hope you can do a tut using airbrush, S. =)

    Have a great day!


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