YumYum: The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

I told you before one of my ways how to lose weight, especially on the tummy part, is the yogurt diet. However, I found it hard to maintain such diet when I couldn't take the sour flavor of yogurt. I just can't take the flavor anymore and to eat that everyday has become an ordeal.

Good thing though I discovered The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt that offers frozen yogurt that is totally tasty even without the toppings. It has become one of my favorite snack for the past few weeks when I got to try it at the The Body Shop event I attended. They have loads of toppings to choose to make that froyo experience a lot more tastier.

Consider this girl addicted to The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt! It's 98% fat free! I love!

a must try. their Valentine's Day Combo!

One of the branch I love to visit is The White Hat at Robinson's Place Manila
loated near the new cinemas.

here are the two Clown Hat combos I ordered for me and hubby to try.

two clown hats makes two happy couple. yum!

And now that they have a promo wherein I can get to watch Valentine's Day Movie on its premiere just gave me more reason to get that yogurt fix everyday. I'm down to my last two!

(click photo to go The White Hat website)

I'm hoping the tickets are still available!

much love,

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt can be found at these stores (click stores)
Shangri-la Mall
Robinson's Place Manila (Ermita)
Robinson's Galleria
Greenbelt 5
SM Marikina
SM Mall of Asia
SM North EDSA (Annex)
Rustan's Supermarket (Makati)
SM Clark Pampanga

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  1. Thankfully, I'm inlove with the sour taste of yogurt, so no complaints from me, I can eat it sans the toppings. =) And btw, they also have a branch in ATC. Thanks for sharing about the promo, Shen. =) Have a nice weekend!

  2. you just made me hungry lol. i love your shots sis, what cam are you using?

  3. I LOVE White Hat ever since it first opened in SM The Block :) What are you favorite toppings shen? :)

  4. I love White Hat :) Especially their Fragola/Strawberry flavor :)

  5. @mhean, I use my ever reliable d40 with its kit lens.

    @kira, i love cherry in syrup, fresh strawberry, orange and their cheesecake! hehehe!

    @crissy, i haven't tried that yet.. it's def in my list. :)

  6. @crissy: you're right, their fragola is really good! that's my mom's fave :)

    @shen: love the cheesecake too! it's just bursting with flavor :)

  7. i love white hat too! although i have yet to try red mango.


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