Venus&Mars & Pureglow Haul from Noel Bazaar

V&M and Pureglow Haul

Jamie and Justin :)

Venus and Mars and Pureglow's Jamie Tan and sister, Justin were a sight to behold at Noel Bazaar, World Trade Center last year. It was a great opportunity to get my hands on Teeyah and Tish's fave Bare It All Emu Cream.

But you know me, I don't usually settle on one item buy. Hehehe! I got myself other stuff that is simply too hard too resist.

on my next wishlist!

major haul!! :)

V&M All Organic Skin Treats
Bare It All Emu Cream
new fave! i got the Lavander Mentholated scent

V&M All Organic Skin Treats Vanilla Spa Milk Salts
Whitening & Smoothing Crystals
This is the best!
Not too harsh on the skin and the scent is just divine.
I feel like I was bathing in Bear Brand. :) Hehehe! :)

V&M All Organic Skin Treats 100% Emu Oil
Kikay Kit must have for those skin grazes and insect bites...
oh and those pimple-about-to-surface out.

From Pure Glow, I got the following:

Pureglow Tonic Liquid Concealer
I think Tish uses this and saw how beautiful the results on her were.

Pureglow African Black Soap
I use this with my Earth Therapeutic Facial Brush. LOVE!

I've been playing with a lot of skin care lately because buying more makeup isn't just practical anymore.... but who knows, with an addict, you really can't tell. :)

Thanks for the wonderful comments you've been giving here on my blog. The positivity this new year is just a tad overwhelming and you won't see this girl complaining.

God bless everyone!!

much love,

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