Kikay Place: Browhaus at Serendra

I have gorilla brows like you've never seen before. Most of the time, I would have it waxed, tweezed or the more popular threading done in many salons and spas. However, curiosity and extra cash allowed me to venture out and try something a little bit more out of my caliber, the Browhaus at Serendra.

Well know as "The Brow Architect", Browhaus takes brows seriously. Despite the price of Php580 for the Classic Brow Threading (which I would recommend for everyone to try). With brows like ine that doesn't grow in the same direction and some even lacking on other parts, I realized how important a good training really is.

The result was perfectly (at least i think it is) shaped brows that is not too thin nor too thick. It was easier to maintain it as well. My brow technician took me step by step with how to treat my brows and how to maintain it even after 2 weeks of hair growth.

During my first time, my brow technician colored in my brows and taught me what part needed most color and also how to shape it. Since then, I have lesser struggle with coloring in my eyebrows.

I have been to Browhaus three times already. I love how they take their sweet time with each brow, to ensure that you don't feel pain as much as possible and also explaining what they do. They are not condescending, pushy or snobby as one would think about places like these. They are very accommodating and with good disposition.

This prompted me to get their Decemeber promo which is Php3800.00 for 10 sessions of Classic Brow Threading. Great way to save since each threading would now cost me P380 instead of the regular Php580.00.

3 weeks after threading. just tweezed the strays on my eyelids. (eww!)

A day after Classic Brow Threading at Browhaus Serendra

Notice that I have a better arch. But even with three weeks in after the threading, my brows look okay than what i had before. :)

There more things you can get done at Browhaus but even I can't go beyond such high price tags... But who knows if I do good at work and earn tons of money, maybe I will. :)

Consider this girl a Browhaus Addict! :)

much love,

Browhaus Serendra

2nd Floor Serendra, Bonifacio Highh Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines

tel: (632) 856.9140
m: (63917) 577.1352
Store hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm

(thanks to Nikki for the info.)

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