Meet my twin

Well, not really... but I consider her a totally different person from me. She's the girl with the effortless smile, the one who gets the guys and had fun all night.

I wanted to try something new. I figured what a better way to do it but in my law school org's Anniversary Party, themed Black and White. With all the magazine scanning and my short stint at a fashion magazine, I was dead set on trying on some of the latest trends. I had studs, the booties, the soft fabric and just enough hit of gold.

I had my curls done at Basement Salon, Shangri-la. My attendant new exactly what I wanted. If I culd live in Basement Salon, I would.

My makeup was done by the John Pagaduan for Shu Uemura. One perk I got from beauty blogging is meeting some of the best people in the cosmetic industry and John is one of those people. I kind of harassed him to do my makeup when I saw him at the Shu Uemura counter in Rustan's. I love what he did. He kept it simple making my lips the focus of the whole look.

I'm glad to say that the overall look was received well by my sisters. And not one sister there looked the same as we did in our typical shirt and jeans. Quorum is known for being trendy and stylish, but this night we crossed all boundaries and transformed into something more.

Really, I sometimes wish I'm back to law school just I could be with them more and those I left in my old school. sigh.

As always, I try to bore you with words. :) Here are the pics I took from my new Canon G11. :)

IMG_1105r by you.
Dress with side studs from Zara (remember this?)
Under the dress are my reliable SPANX!
Studded Booties from Summersault
Tights from Topshop
Accessories from Quiapo(bracelet), Rockwell Urban Bazaar(Earrings), St. James Bazaar (Ring) and Accessorize,GB 5 (Necklace)
Glove from Aldo

Obviously, i was channeling Jen Humphrey from Gossip Girl. :)

All from Shu Uemura
UV Under Base
Nobara Cream Cover stick (also for contouring)
that's all what I remember.. :)
Partial Flare Lashes (love love! people kept asking if I had lash extension done!)

IMG_1076 by you.

IMG_1072 by you.
my Lady Gaga inspired lighting ring from Bijoux at St. James Bazaar

here are all my Q girls. :)

IMG_1080 by you.
an unusual pose for me.. :)
nail color are OPI, done at Basement Salon

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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how dewy your skin looks on the photos! The kind of look I have been dying to achieve :)


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