New Hair Color and Highlights!

Finally, since my graduation from Basement Academy, I've had a chance for Mr. Jeave Gabiana, Education Director and Instructor in Precision Hair Cutting Course of the said Academy, to work on my thick long unruly locks. My roots were showing and I just couldn't stand it anymore. It was serendipity when I decided to go to Shangri-la after my driving class. It was just a no-brainer decision. Boy, was I glad to know that Sir Jeave was already at the salon.

I love that Sir Jeave, even if I was a former student, still treated as a client asking me what I wanted. Of course, I was glad to go along with what he had in mind. I told him I wanted to look different but still me. Hehehe! I wanted something that people would notice. Really, I was just happy that the hair master himself will be taking care of my hair. He discussed that my new hair color would have 3 different highlights, a base for the roots and they will have to be careful on the ends because my hair was chemically-treated from previous hair coloring and rebond.

The technique for highlights that he asked his assistant was quite different compared to other highlighting process I've seen. During the treatment, I was starting to look like Valentina of Darna or Cruella DeVille with all of my hair in foils. It was such a funny yet scary sight. Totally worth it, in my opinion. :)

After an intensive 4 hour hair coloring, here is the final result.

i love the blonde-ish highlight.

I just came in just for hair color but Sir Jeave threw in a free hair cut as well! He retouched my cut, making sure it has a nice body and a little of volume. Le sigh.. Was I a lucky girl or what.. :)

I'm getting addicted!

makeup by Shu Uemura
c/o Grace and Sharon (MUAs for Shu)
Eyes & Lips: Tsumori Chisato eyeshadows
Face: Face Architect Smoothing Foundation

much love,

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  1. you looked like JLO! so hot! :)

  2. hi po! i randomly read ur blog and i was amazed! one question: can i do highlights(exactly like yours) right after rebonding? pls pls pls

  3. Kimberly Joy Caro17/1/12 3:10 AM

    I love your hair color . I hope I can color my hair soon :) congrats ms shen


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