I'm back + Acnetrex (a pimple-ridden girl's answer?)

Hi, girls! I'm back. It seems that my life in the publishing industry was short-lived. I had to let go of my job because of personal/family concerns. The hardships of being an only child is that you also inherit a lot of your parents obligations when they pass away. Since I have no siblings to help me, I have to take care of everything in my mother's behalf. Needless to say, my duty as a daughter does not cease with my mom's passing. I still have a few to finish before I could pursue my own dreams.

Although I will miss my work there albeit how tiring and how challenging it was, I am glad to be back in the blogging circuit. I am in love with blogging and for many times, this has been a friend to me... you all have been a friend to me. Thank you so much for all your support during those times I couldn't update my blog. Those who messaged and emailed me well wishes and those who even thought I was quitting and asked me not to. Really, your messages brought tears to my eyes.

I wanted to share a lot of my new finds with you all. I hope that you'll bear with me as I adjust again to my usual blogging routine.

One of my recent finds was an oral prescription called Acnetrex, it's to finally put a stop on my acne dilemmas. Before my first day on the job, I visited a dermatologist in M.D. Eastwood. I was experiencing heavy breakouts and I just wanted to give a good solution to it. Acne has been a constant problem with me. I would have flawless beautiful skin for a few weeks then after that, I'm doomed with months of breakouts. Topical medications both prescribed and off-the-counter would work but it doesn't solve anything permanently. Really, its very frustrating.

Thankfully, I met Dra. Adao of M.D. Eastwood. She's a very accomodating dermatologist listening to all my ranting about expensive derma products that doesn't work. And how a beauty blogger like me could have adverse reactions from some products we use and how we can't stop doing it for research purposes. Well, she knew I wasn't kidding. She saw and felt how oily my face was and how much cystic acne I had. We then proceeded on what meds I use to take, topical and oral and how long I've been taking them. She asked what shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and other things dermatologist would ask to form a conclusion on how we should go on about my problem.

Then, she mentioned Acnetrex to me. She didn't have to tell me that celebrities and elites uses it, I was sold! "Give it to me now, Doc.", I said. It was definitely something that I haven't tried. I wonder why my previous dermatologists didn't prescribe me this before when I was younger. Hmp!

So, now I'm in my first pack of Acnetrex or Acnotin (Isotretinoin) and I'm hoping that by Christmas, I wouldn't have to use a lot of concealer for each parties I go to.

BUT (there's a but so better read on) you can't take Acnetrex just like that. You can't waltz in to the drugstore (i doubt they have this) and tell them you want it. There are a quite a few catch on this before you can take it.

1. Consult your doctor first.
2. Pregnant or women wanted to get pregnant can't take this due to adverse effects on fetal formation. AVOID PREGNANCY AT ALL COST. Use 2 types of contraception to ensure non-pregnancy.
3. You must have normal blood results before taking this medication (no high cholesterol, sugar, liver etc.) Forgive me if I butched the medical terms for those but you get my drift.
4. Intake must be prescribed by the doctor! You can't overdose to speed up the process. This is a very stupid thing to do.
5. Don't get too caught up with this hype, you don't have to take this if you only have minor or hormonal breakouts. See number 1, consult your derma, don't force her to give this to you when her medical opinion says you don't need it..

There are a lot more that you need to take heed before taking this drug. I myself despite making the decision to take this is still hesitant every time I pop a capsule. So, you really must want this (and your husband, too.) before taking this. If you're below the age of majority, better have your parents decide if you should take this and provide you with proper guidance.

Oh the things we do for to become beautiful. The sacrifices we must make. But we know its worth it in the end. I just hope it is for me.

By the way, has anyone tried this? Anyone who has a baby now? I am hoping to have a baby by the time I'm 30 and I'm hoping that I can still have one even after I take this for a few years.

much love,

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  1. Hi, I'm a male user of acnetrex. I used to have pimple free face and used to be the type of person who gets to be asked what I do to my face to keep it smooth and flawless. Just this January, I experienced major break-outs. Which really made me alarmed. I went to the dermatologist to consult what has happened to my face. She just made me change my topical ointments for the face. After a few days, I still was not convinced. I was still growing pimples and it really made me panic since I am in my Pre-Med course and I am planning to become a dermatologist one day. I can't be a dermatologist if I would have scars all over my face, yes? So I went back to my derma and consulted her what other options I can take. She then told me about Acnetrex. She made me have my blood test, choloesterol, triglicerides etc. and as far as we know, I am healthy and I can take the medicine. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now. I am supposed to take 2 softgel capsule a day. I take it every night with milk since the medicine works well together with fatty substance according to my dermatologist. On the first week of my medication, I was alarmed because I was getting BIG pimples which is not normal for my face. I then contacted my derma and she told me that It is normal to get flaring because of the drug but it will eventually subside for the next few weeks. I have been patient and trusted my doctor. And Now, February 03, 2010 I can see that the pimples are lightening already! :) Even my friends told me that without even asking them. I'm really happy the effect is showing already. I am now in my 2nd box. I hope this would bring me to my flawless face again. I will have my next appointment on Feb 14 to the derma :) I do hope it works for you too shen :)
    - Sincerely yours, Dj

  2. Hi!

    I'm a guy who took this drug (under a different name) for about 5-6 months. It worked really, really well! All of my usually horrendous, cystic acne was gone.

    Unfortunately, a few months later, it's all back. I'm looking at using this medicine again, but my dermatologist wanted to try some weaker stuff first.

    For a lot of people, this works permanently and they never have accne again. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for me.

  3. hi! i first take this medicine nov10 for straight one month for total of 30caps or 3boxes. next month dec 10 another 1 box, after jan10 for 1 box again. and im resting now and my 6th box will be on feb10,2011.

    i still have small pimples but the good thing is im oil free now! i almost stop using this medicine coz its kinda depressing but my derma told me "promise kikinis ka"

    hopefully before my husband arrives from abroad on march2011 "makinis nako"

    hirap lang me sa dry lips, lahat na natry ko even the expensive lip balm, naubos ko na din petroleum jelly, still dry lips pa din me.. any suggestion? any brand?


  4. Ads Whatsup3/3/11 7:54 AM

    i have to agree that dra. adao is one of the best derma in metro manila. my daughter went to her in november 2010 by acne all over her face. she presecribed acnotin10 and told us that we'll see dramatic result and by christmas the acne will be gone. and true enough, the cystic pimples were gone. with continous use her face is now clearer. we are now in the "whitening "phase to even out the scars.

    my other daughter has recurring skin condition near her mouth. we've seen a number of derma for this but it was dra. adao who was able to properly diagnose it and prescribed the appropriate meds for the condition.

    she also has clinic at megaclinic 5th floor megamall.

  5. ahm actually im taking this now yayy! we both do! and my doctor said you can have a baby after a month taking this drug :> but it's better to ask your physician first :> so how are you today? are the pimples gone? :>

  6. it's called a miracle drug! hehe! i took this for 6mos and the result was very satisfying! i took acnetrex and boom my pimples were all gone. You'll be surprised and even your friends too with the result. I have a lot of pimples before but none of these over the counter or prescribed by my dermatologists work. But when I met Dr. Antolin De Leon, he promised that my pimples will go away with this drug and the benefit is for a long time. He was indeed right.

  7. I'm so thankful to this blogger. Very true to her comments. May God bless you even more.

  8. im on my three and a half months now taking acnetrex and it shows good results. Even my friends noticed that my face no longer oily. I had recurring cystic acne on my face, back and chest. I've tried so many drugs and topical medicines before but my problems were not solved. Its really frustrating that my previous dermatologists did not recommend this drug so I can prevent pimple marks and craters on my face. Im 33 yrs old and I suffered for almost 20 yrs of pimples and acne. Its in our genes of having cystic acne. I've spend a lot before trying different drugs that can cure my problems. It's good that Dr De Luna of Patient's First in Glorietta recommend this drug to me. I researched the drug before I take it and based on my research it's really effective. I'm experiencing muscle pain, dizziness, dryness of lips and eyes and these are the side effects of the drug. Those who are having the same problems, hope you can try this drug.

  9. hi! this is my second day of taking Acnetrex.  After reading all ur posts, im hoping that this drug would finally put an end to my acne prone face! ohh, can't wait to see the results after 5-6 months <3

     I've been to a lot of dermatologists..about 5, but only Dr. Divina Dy Prieto - Go of Chong Hua Medical Arts (cebu) prescribed this wonder drug to me!  Swear, i wanna make her a saint! She's very friendly, accommodating...in short, the best dermatologist i've been to!  She's prescribing me a lower dose (10mg/day) cz my cholesterol level is quite high...oh no, im still 21 and my chole level is 16 units higher than normal! tsssk2x.

    anywayz, im soo glad i finally found a dermatoligist that can finally help me put an end to my acne problem ;)

    i started visiting the derma when i was in grade 6. i forgot the name of my doctor..she gave me topical acne meds. but never worked ;(

    my 2nd dermatologist was Dr. ong...the topical meds (clindamycin) she gave me was effective (temporarily) but i never came back to her cz she's suplada and her PF is expensive! imagine, i waited for my turn at her clinic for almost 5-6 hours (cz she had sooo many pts).. and when it was my turn, she only looked at my face for 5 seconds then told me to come back again a week after... then her secretary asked 500 as professional fee! huwaaaaat?! she's not friendly at all!

    my 3rd dermatoligist was dr. ramos of dermclinic sm.. i had 20 sessions of GLYCOLIC PEEL...spent almost 20k for that! i had weekly sessions for glycolic peel wherein she would prick all my pimples and then put a fruit based medication all over my face.. it was a very painful and traumatic experience for me. Painful cz she had to prick each and evry pimple and pore i had and the fruit based med was very "makating masakit" <-as she would always say to me... TRAUMATIC bcz every after session, my face would turn out sooooo red for the next 3-5 days! my classmates would always notice and sometimes tease me ;(

    my 4th derma was dr. verallo...he gave me a lot of topical and oral meds. i think about 8 of them which i have to put on my face day and night... to my dismay, my face totally broke out!! ;c  big cystic pimples started to appear on my cheeks, forehead, chin... and my skin got DARKER!! it was the ugliest state of my college life.. i had very low self esteem at that time ;c

    i stopped taking all his meds and switched to Beauche products. My classmates recommended it to me cz they were concerned with me.. i used beauche for about 5 months.. and yeah! it really worked! then switched to St. Dalfour Creams... after 1 month of using it, i got clearer and whiter skin! swear, whenever i walk down the hallway in our school, my schoolmates would tease me..."ayeeee! blooming!!!" but, that artista moments were cut short... when i started using the second bottle of St. Dalfour, sheett ang daming pimples!! sobrang ng break out skin ko ;c

    then, i finally went to another dermatologist.. that's how i met my saint... my savior... my idol....Dr. Divina Dy Prieto - Go... mehn! she's the best! So far, the friendliest derma ive been to.. plus! she won't let me pay for her consultation fee!! that's how lucky i am with her!! 

  10. Vanidoso_057/5/12 6:54 PM

     hi, how can i actually make these dermatologists prescribe me the drug. they are tough when it comes to this drug, like they will not give it to you as u wish. I had been suffering from acne for so long, i hope someone could help me.  where can i find dr. adao of m.d. eastwood?

  11. guys, nirecommend lang ng doctor ko na 1 box lang inumin ko dahil nagkabreakout ako dahil sa medicine na ininum ko. Sa isang box ba, mawawala na ba kagad acne breakout ko?

  12. Hello! Does your doctor, 
    Dr. Divina Dy Prieto - Go, have a clinic here along Q.C., Makati or Manila? Thank you!


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