YumYum: NEW Red Ribbon White Forest Cake - My new fave RR cake!

RR WhiteForest standee by you.

Love at first bite. It was exactly what I felt when I tasted the New White Forrest Cake of Red Ribbon. It was neither too sweet nor too filling but enough to give you that burst of happiness in every bite.

The three main ingredients makes one of my favorite cake at the moment, red juicy maraschino cherries, soft white chiffon that melt in mouth and the delectable white chocolate shavings on every layer and surrounding the entire cake.

Inspired by the Black Forest cake, the White counterpart is quite distinct and could stand on it own because of

A definite surprise to your family when you bring this home for dessert.

DSC_0056 copy by you.

DSC_0058 copy by you.

DSC_0061 copy by you.

DSC_0064 copy by you.

DSC_0065 copy by you.

during the event, i was able to taste a piece of the White Forest. Note to remember, don't eat the cherry first. You'll envy your friends as they favor their cherries as the last bite. :D

Coffee lover? The Red Ribbon Cake is best served with a hot cup of your favorite joe. A good YumYum to enjoy during this cold weather.

The next day, I got to enjoy once again the White Forest Cake. I didn't even feel the earthquake as I finish up a slice as the rain pours heavily outside.

DSC_0135 copy by you.DSC_0151 copy by you.
DSC_0121 copy by you.

much love,

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