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Amu'in in Tagalog is to caress or to tame.

Amu'in Aromatheraphy, a Filipino-based enterprise aims to use the healing and soothing properties of essential oils to aid in taiming the stress that we acquire from our daily lives. It seems that stress is as common as the air we breathe in.

Fortunately, Amu'in came up with four variants to choose from. This specifies our specific needs that will surely help you find your way back into a peaceful aura.

Sigla ("energy")
Sigla by you.
Tagalog for “vigor or energy,” the SIGLA rich lotions and potions call on the energy-boosting abilities of peppermint, lemon, may chang and lemongrass to not only brighten one's day, but to allow him/ her to focus better on the tasks ahead.

Hulay ("relax")
Hulay by you.
Visayan for “to relax,” this delicate blend of lavender and ylang-ylang releases tension and relaxes the body and spirit during moments of stress.

Gayuma ("romance")
GAYUMA by you.
From the Tagalog for “a love charm” or “an unusual attraction,” GAYUMA uses the soothing, romance-inducing properties of sweet orange, cedar wood, rosewood, and ylang-ylang to put you, or whoever you wish, in the mood for romance.

Alaga ("soothe")
Alaga by you.
Tagalog for “to care for, or soothe,” these remedies are perfect for headaches, nasty insects, dirty or dry hands, or tired muscles.

Author's note:
Stress has been a part of my life and it seems it will be a part of it for the years to come. Nevertheless, I am thankful for little blessings such as products made in the Philippines that will help me envigorate my life when I feel not working, to provide me relaxation after a long day's work, to bring me in the mood for a bit of quality time with my love and to care for my body aches and such.

Aromatheraphy has been a part of my life since I can remember. I was the kid who would opt for oils instead of lotion, an oil burner always ready as I take my siesta and a eucaplytus-scented handkerchief back in the day.

Now, aromatherapy is abundant and could easily be purchased anywhere. But Amu'in touched my heart since it is a Filipino-made products and as its main essential oil, the lemongrass, is grown by people of Negros. A village there, from scratch, plant, take care and extract the essential oils of people. With every purchase of Amu'in, a percentage goes to the people of village Mambugsay.

Since I started working, I now appreciate the value of hard work. And I can't be more proud that villagers of Mambugsay can come up with a wonderful oil out of the hills of Negros and that they have found a better livelihood and a reason to stay in our beloved country.

much love,

to know more about Amu'in, you may go to their website at amuinwellness.com.

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