Brush of the Week: MAC 217 Blending Brush

First off, I would like to apologize yet again for the lack of entries in my blog. Its been too hectic for me the past week and the boyfriend took the 1st week of Bar Exams this weekend. Its been really crazy and exciting at the same time. I will also hold a small contest for my upcoming 26th birthday exclusive to my Philippine based readers. Nothing really fancy and mechanics will be easy, I promise.

Now on to the best part.

I would like to introduce the latest Brush of the Week, my first MAC Brush, the 217 Blending Brush.

MAC 217 by you.
For shading or blending of colour or creamy products. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

This brush is really close to my heart because this is the first brush I ever bought from MAC. Due to too many youtube videos I watched. Last year, I was finally convinced to buy the famous 217 because I was just having a hard time looking for a dupe of it. I already had several dupe of the 224 but none of the 217.

As always, many shy away from MAC brushes because of the high price tags that's attached to it. And I do agree, it is mighty expensive when most beauty enthusiast barely has limited income or still in school with a fixed allowance. Certainly, a P1000.00(price increase not applied) brush is not for the light-pocketed. But let me be the MAC advocate when I say that this brush made a lot of difference in my non-existent makeup skills before. People/readers/close friends saw vast improvement in my eye application. I was pleased that with this brush I was able to pull off a few great looks even without the learned skills in makeup school. Even up to know, despite the knowledge I have accumulated in beauty, thanks to friends and family for this, I still use this brush. I even bought another one for when I do makeup on clients and models. Simply put, this brush makes eye makeup easy.

I mainly use this brush as a crease blending brush, applying it on my outer V for a defined look or when using another color for my crease. The brush eats perfect amount of product when dipped softly but firmly. The color is deposited entirely on to the eyelids. Soft as a feather, this brush do not irritate at all. It can be used as a concealer brush for the under eye or when applying cream-based products to the eyes just like paintpots, paints and cream colour base. I personally love the effect when I use my Benefit Lyin'Eyes with the MAC 217. The concealer barely creases at the end of the day.

Overall, I give this brush all 10 points (not only 5) out of 5 for the unbelievable beauty experience I had with this brush. It really increased my enthusiasm for doing more eye looks. And if that isn't worth the extra bucks, I don't know what.

For your scrutiny, here is the MAC 217 Blending brush pictures I took.
MAC 217 by you.
MAC 217 by you.
MAC 217 by you.
MAC 217 by you.


if you're really tight on the budget, I've found a good substitute for the MAC 217. The Charm Deluxe Eyeshadow Brush for only P300.00/$6 approx.

Charm Brush Blending Brush by you.
Charm Blending Brush by you.
Charm Blending Brush by you.
Charm Blending Brush by you.
The brush hairs of the Charm is not as fine but it does the same job and the end result is almost the same as the 217. What's even better is that its available here in the Philippines.

Hope your weekend went well, Kikays! :)
Happy weekday everyone.

Us Filipinos will grieve for the loss of a dear religious leader, Ka Erdy Manalo of Iglesia ni Cristo last August 31, 2009. Today, September 7, will be his internment. God bless his soul and condolences to all my Iglesia ni Cristo friends and readers.

much love,

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