Brush of the Week: MAC 180 (Soft Flat Top Buffer Brush)

Happy Monday, Everybodilicous!

So, okay monday doesn't always equate to happy... but to be able to wake up in the morning, take a shower and get a hold of this brush to apply on my face... that I consider happy. No kidding.

I'm sure you already guess by those words above that this will be a positive review. It will be!
I didn't bat an eyelash once I saw this on the many MAC products before me. I grabbed it and didn't let go. I just have a weakness over MAC brushes. I'm sure many can relate.

The MAC 180 is soft buffer flat top brush at its original price is a whopping $42.00 and not sold in any MAC stores at the moment. I got this only for about P1500.00 from a friend. It was a while before I started using this brush because it was just too cute to take it out of it tubular plastic container.

I started using this with my mineral foundation and I just fell in love with it like many beauty bloggers out there. It scratches at first but with proper care, this brush is as soft as baby's bottom. I mean really really soft. It buffs my mineral foundation so well that I have that airbrushed look each time. The the sexy body of this brush also makes it more comfy to hold. It reminds of the kabukis used for men's shaving cream. Have you seen that at the The Body Shop?

I'm very very satisfied with this brush given the price that I paid for. However, I would have paid the original price if it had been available at the MAC counters because this is exactly the kind of brush that you get what you pay for and quite admittedly, so much more. :)

MAC 180 along with other brushes I frequently use.

i always place my MAC 180 on a brush guard to keep it dense and in place.

view from the top

side view. it looks and feels soft!

this is how it usually looks after use.. it opens up like crazy but still does the job. :)

label under the brush.

in comparison to my other synthetic brushes
(everyday minerals and barenaturals)
MAC 180 is a lot bigger in diameter.

Natural hair fibers and synthetic fibers when it comes to flat top brushes perform almost similarly. Its with the diameter that made a difference with me. The MAC 180 made cover more space and buffing seems easier while the smaller flat tops that I own I get to the nooks and crannies like under the eyes and sides of my nose. MAC 180 is relatively denser and it doesn't bend so the buffing is continuous while both my synthetic one have the tendency to bend.

MAC 180 cuts buffing my foundation brush in half. One run-through is usually enough (provided I applied my concealer). And did I mention that it is incredibly soft. I like a brush that is no fuss and this is it. It does what its suppose to and it does it well. Its very low maintenance and it doesn't shed. The hairs may open wide with each use but you remedy it by keeping it in the container it came with. I don't even need the brush guard actually as it dries up so i can keep it instatly in its storage. I've worn this brush for months and it doesn't shed at all. This brush is truly amazing.

i think duke thinks its his fur.. :)

I love flat top brushes, my older posts can attest to that, and this brush makes the cut. No surprise there. It is MAC after all.

I give this brush a 5 Kikay Pinay Points and I haven't even started using it with my liquid foundation. I just don't want to since I'm scared the color won't come off the white goat hairs of the brush. However, many love the coverage this brush brings with the liquid foundation. I'll see if I get tempted and update you on that!

I'm hoping that this mini review with tons and tons of pictures helps you out!

Still don't have the money for a MAC 180 (and the fact its not sold anymore)? Barenaturals just released their new gold synthetic flat top brush. :)
Try that instead!

How about you? Have you found a HG buffer brush? Share it here at the comment section please. :)

much love,

P.S. If you have request for next week's Brush of the Week, feel free to type it in here. :) I'm really clueless on what to feature next. :) I'm thinking of some Charm brushes because they are having a Mid year sale now. :) What do you think?

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  1. So where can I find this brush, since they don't sell it at MAC online?

  2. how can i buy that kabuki brush


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