Brush of the Week: Charm Dual Fibre Brush

Sorry that this post is way overdue. Monday was event day that I completely forgot to schedule this post. Blame it on forgetfulness. However, I was not forgetful enough that I neglected to take some of your suggestion for this week's Brush of the Week. Also, my last week's post was so well received by many of you that I just had to follow it up albeit it being late.

This week, I bring you the Charm Dual Fibre Brush from Beauty and Minerals Online Store. It is an exclusive brush in the Charm Brush Collections. I believe that this is the first stippling brush that is being sold under a Filipina-owned business. Now that is really something. Pinay pride, indeed.

Dual Fibre brush (stippling or fiber optic) is popular because of its versatility. The soft white taklon bristles is guarded by the soft pony hair to give it the stiff and dense feel, making application more precise but still soft to the skin. It is used mostly on powders such as mineral blushes, foundation, translucents and sheer powders. However, this brush is also used on liquid foundation for the air-brush like results using the stippling method. Seen in many makeup gurus, this brush is something a makeup addict like me simply can't leave without.

Personally, I didn't see the use of a Dual Fibre brush until when I got myself a proper stippling brush, not the fake ones, I realized the diffrence it made on my everyday makeup routine. The white taklon hair attracts pigments effortlessly and delivers it all on to my desired placement without much effort on my part. Application using the Dual Fibre brush makes every application look more natural and soft.

The Dual Fibre brush has a diameter bigger than the old one Peso coin, almost similar to that of MAC 187. It has a densier feel compared to the other stippling brush that I own (MAC 187, Lumiere Fiber Optic brushes, fake MAC 187) that makes liquid foundation application a little easier, in my honest opinion, because of the control it provides me. The hairs are very soft and with care, it will be maintained as thus. It is relatively cheaper at only P900.00 at its regular price. But since they are having the Great Charm Sale, you can get this now for only P700.00. That is really something for a brush that many swears by.

I maximized the use of this brush during gigs. Not only are my clients impressed with the cute handle, but applying my Ellana Sheer Velvet with this brush for retouch during shoots keeps the models' makeup fresh and flawless. Armed with only this brush and my Ellana Sheer Velvet, I am good to go where ever the photographer drags me and the model.

As for liquid application, the Dual Fibre earned its worthiness for the flawless finish it always provide. Not to mention that it doesn't eat a lot of product because of the white taklon hair. Stippling liquid foundation is a lot easier because the white taklon hair is a lot densier that even with a heavy hand, it doesn't bend as easily. I simply have to close my hand closer to the edge of the ferrule if i want a heavier coverage.

I also use this brush to apply my baked mineralized blushes. Since this type of blush is very pigmented, I opt for the Dual Fibre brush to give me just the right amount to achieve a more natural glowy look. I didn't understand before how to apply baked mineralized blushes but with the Dual fibre, it is now easy.

The only downside of this brush is that it bleeds when you wash it. The reason for this is because the pony hair is dyed in black. But it will not bleed after the fourth washing. Also, don't be surprise with the shedding at your initial washing, its just the stray hairs that weren't shaken off.

It would be unfair to compare the Dual Fibre Brush to the MAC 187. After all, MAC is well, MAC. But in terms of softness, uses and other things, you can get by with the Dual Fibre brush until you find yourself with extra cash to shell out P3000.00 for the MAC 187. As for me, I'm grateful I got the latter as a gift instead of buying it.

But still, here are photos comparing the two:

Charms pony hairs are a lot longer compared to that of MAC 187.

You may avail the Charm Dual Fibre brush at Beauty and Minerals or at addictedtominerals.

That's it for

Have you tried the Charm Dual Fibre brush? What other stippling brushes have you tried?

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