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You ask, I answer: Readers' question answered.

Q: Where can I get the 88 Palette? - kue

A: You can get the palette either at Space Pretty Store in ebay or Dollface Cosmetics. Both have reliability in their shipping & handling. :)

Q: Does Trunk Show have a website? - vanessa

A: They actually do. That where they first started if my memory serves me right. Its

Q: What cleanser is good for unclogging pores and removing white heads? - Kris

A: I still haven't found that perfect facial wash that relieves me of the white heads. But a good facial wash that I partner with my Purity Made Simple is my Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. Its not as drying and its beads are very micro that it won't feel too rough on the skin.

Q: Where can i get the foudation pump for MAC Studio Fix? - kira

A: If you are from Manila, this is not available. If you are in the US, this is available in MAC counters, free standing stores, PRO stores and online via their website. Makeup Masala of the Makeup Mix Shop sells this on her site as well and she ships internationally.

Q: shen, do u know a cheaper alternative for the MUFE concealer palette? im looking for an orange concealer kasi for undereyes. - khymm

A: Aside from MUFE, I honestly don't know where to find an orange concealer. But since I was never in need of the orange concealer, I didn't think of looking. However, I once saw a video that says an alternative for such is an orange lipstick. If you can find that then you have yourself an orange concealer. I know MAC has an orange lipstick in theri Neo Sci-fi Collection. Too bad i missed that one.

Q: Bagay kaya sakin ung radiant concealer - Khymm who has a fair/porcelain skin tone.

A: I'm an NC30-35 in MAC, depending on which season, Radiant concealer is a good light beige neutral that matches my skintone and covers my dark spots well. it goes on a bit dark on me but after I apply my foundation, everything is seemlessly blended together that you'd hardly notice the darkness of the concelear. So if you are fair skinned, then this make go on a little dark on you.

I learned from an MUA before that using a concealer a shade darker than you skin tone will actually mak foundation application easiercompared to using a lighter shade of concealer. I didn't believe it at first until I tried it with my mineral makeups. I'm not sure thought about cream based products.

Q: do you know if mac cosmetics are the same price as america? - Jo

A: No. MAC Cosmetics here in Manila is about 10%-15% more expensive than that of in the US. Sad, I know.

Q: XXX do you know the pricelist of the quad shows and MSF's? XXX - Gracey

A: I think that quad eyeshadows are Php1200 while the MSF's are Php1600, estimated only.

Q: Can you use wifi with an N95. - miemiemie

A: Yup! I have my screen on Active Stanby and on the you can see the "WLAN scanning off". Click that and your phone will look for available wifi.

Q: Did you lose weight?

A: I shouldn't answer this but since i just weighed myself recently in two different weighing scales, i found out I'm the same weight since last year. But I believe that since I can't get into my jeans anymore. :) So, that's a no. :) I'm still the same weight but probably more than that. :)

Q: What eye primer did you use? - ida on my purple look

A: Urban Decay primer potion as usual. :)

I hope that I was able to help you out with the answers I provided. Feel free to email, Cbox or write on the comment section of each post your questions. I will do my best to answer all your queries and if I don't, I truly am sorry.

much love,

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