Spotted: Shen at WIFI Testing and Filipino Food Festival at SM Megamall Foodcourt

If you were in Megamall last saturday and happened to pass by Foodcourt near the ice skating rink at the basement, well, you must have seen me there (with barely no makeup at all). :) I was there with other bloggers for a wifi-testing and filipino food festival event.

How important is wifi for me? Well, if you're the type of person who ensures your phones are wifi capable as well as checking 24/7 for wifi access just to tweet, update facebook status and increasing karma in plurk, then you are like me. Wifi is like my bestfriend since I billed up toP3000.00 worth of GPRS just because I update my facebook like every other two minutes. Whether it be cafes, salons, spas, restaurant I always find myself checing for wifi.

Of late malls here in the Philippines are attracting more consumers by having FREE wifi access. But how reliable are they anyway? I mean what's the use of having free wifi when it'll take ten thousand years before you'll be able to open page, right?

Well, gladly I'd say that with my Asus EEE and nokia N95, I was able to access a lot of blogs. I was able to get some reading done and I managed to research well on some things too (Harry Potter screening times). I was able to write and send emails and I also got the chance to check my harvest in farmtown. :) All in all, its a very decent connection. :) You can definitely use your phones, PSP's, Nintendo DS etc and connect instantly. Just remember though that since a mall is full of people, congestion may occur that may cause downtime in accessing the web. By and by, I was pretty impressed on how easy to access wifi in Megamall. But I wouldn't watch youtube videos with it though. :)

other Filipino bloggers that I've met. there is another blog world out there people and I want to explore it. These people are fun. :) I most spent my time with Cher, Kuya Ronald and John. I'm at remembering people's name but I definitely remember having way too much fun!

Yup, we smacked at the middle of SM Foodcourt. :)

People are mostly plurking... ;)

Yes, at the middle! People passing by was near-gawking at us!

Here's my delish mel from Balot-Balot (wrapped meal), Sisig and steaming hot rice! I love it! It was so crunchy!

Cher, the early bird. :) She's a senior interior deisigner. Nice, right! She got to take a home a MAGIC SING as well from the raffle. Hei, Cher, we're ready anytime for a karaoke party!

Overall, free internet and filipino food with great company is great way to spend a windy and rainy saturday afternoon. And I didn't even stop at the stores to shop... :)

So, if you're way too excited to check on an email or read my blog (hehehe!), being in Megamall will make it easier for you with their FREE wifi. And for bloggers like me, no serious really not to blog or not to read my friends' blogs.

My take on this? The BF won't give me the frowny face whenever I'm at the mall because he can access and Jone's Cup while I shop. Yup, like a kid that needs distraction. :) LOL!

much love,

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