Mikaela - Stylist and Model (MUA: Shen)

Happy weekend and 4th of July everyone! :) I will be spending mine at a shoot today with a pretty chinita model who I think is on the verge of completing her wonderful portfolio. I would also take this time to enjoy the scene of Manila Polo Club and play photog for a few minutes. :)

Nevertheless, here is some of my work from my First Photoshoot ever! I really got to learn how to do hair next time... just in case. :)

Thanks to Mark, the photographer of the photos shown, for inviting to that one fun-filled day. I nabbed these from his site. Hehehe!

Mikaela is not really the typical Filipina. At age 21, she's already a fashion stylist. What a job, right? :) This girl loves to party and it seems she knows her clubs well. All around, I wish I had her life back when I was 21. :) Her morena skin is flawless and I just love her height.. she really rocked her shoot. :)

I gave Mikaela a soft punk look that I was glad for after seeing her outfit. She looked ready to party. :)

Model: Mikaela
Photographer: Mark Ong
Stylist: Mikaela
Make-up Artist: Shen Gee (teehee!)
Location: Studioshots Ortigas

I can't wait to do more of these!!

much love,

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