Haul: MAC Style Warrior + Dazzleglass + Lipstick | Shen's market day

The pictures says it all. I didn't haul as much since I didn't really fancy anything that was left. I would have loved a lipgloss or lipstick from the Style Warrior Collection for the sake of the packaging, but the colors I wanted were sold out already. Bummer, I know. I didn't find it justifying to buy a color I wouldn't use just for the cute animal print on it. But I took this chance to get me some new lip products.

I first grabbed Refined Golden Bronzing Powder from Style Warrior Collection (my one and only purchase, determined not to let it escape me again like what it did during its Neo Sci-fi release. I was new to makeup then and had no idea how such color could enhance my chubby cheeks. :)

click image to enlarge
Refined Golden Bronzing Powder

this is so worth every penny i saved...

Seeing dazzleglass new collection, i picked up Money, Honey. Its this Hot pink with fine glitters that just it just wows me. Love this with nude lippie or alone.

I then picked up a barbie/baby pink lipstick, Giddy. I was on a hunt for a new baby pink lippie since my NYX Tea Rose was with a friend (I remember now, Ahleesa! it wasn't lost after all!) , I chose this because of the fabulous love it brought to my lips. But it still not NYX Tea Rose... :) Can you suggest me a lipstick near that color? Thanks!

After much debate, i settled on another lipstick that many of my friends love, Cosmo. It's a good everyday lip color for neutral looks, summer pinks and even purples. The SA highly recommends this one. I think she was even wearing it at that time.

Money, Honey|Giddy|Cosmo

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For the time being, I am enjoying myself with these new products. I also realized that despite this haul, I am have been a bit picky of the things I purchase (unlike before). And that is for the better, i know. :) I'm also doing my best to finish up a product before I purchase another even if I really like it.. i try not to go all panicky once I see it near empty.

But yeah, I have a new camera to distract me at the moment... so let's see how it goes. :)

So, does your hauling trend changed lately?


Oh, and I did my vegetable grocery today at the Public market or what we call Palengke near where I work. I got to choose vegetables on my own. It was an experience for me since I do grocery at the supermarket where everything is bagged and tagged. I found out also that not only are the vegetables cheaper at the public market(we all know this!), but its actually bigger in size and you can haggle. I only paid like P150 or less than $4 for a week's worth of vegetable. :) I'm still learning how to haggle though. Like my mom, I was never the haggling-type. Maybe because we always believe in the good of people that they will never rip me off. But we all know, that's not the least bit true.. Hence, the start of practicing in haggling.

As for the meat though, I still find myself buying from a popular meat shop because I just don't like the look of meat at the Palengke, it looks more dead and unfresh. I bought tenderloin and had it cut in thin round slices for my Sam Gyup Sal lunch tomorrow. I also dropped by a Korean Grocery Store at Pioneer Street to buy a good sesame oil as sauce for my Sam Gyup Sal.

Now I can't wait to sleep so it's tomorrow already! :)

Wish me luck though coz i'll just be cooking it on a skillet! hahaha!!

How's the work/school week so far? Well, i'm hating mine.. I'm spending too much time on the road and there are just too much bad drivers out there... and not too much incompentent traffic enforcers.

Hoping everyone a good work/school week and praying that weekend comes a bit faster!!

much love,

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