Spotted: Mineraux Skin Perfecting Minerals Launch

I recently got invited to Mineraux’s Launching Party in Barcino. The ambiance was casual, the people accommodating and there were familiar faces in the blogging world. Happy to see Nikki, Jaimie and Phoebe as well as other bloggers that I felt I’ve known for quite some time.

Mineraux is a new brand of Mineral Makeup created by fellow Filipinas. They’ve started this venture quite a few years ago selling to their friends, officemates and the likes. However, corporate careers got in the way, most of them slowly digress from selling.

Year 2009 came and Mineraux Pinay founders decided to quit their jobs to focus all their time and effort in reviving their long time dream, to share mineral makeups to fellow-pinays.

You can feel joy in their voice as they spoke of their company. I felt that same heady feeling when I created my own accessory line and I’m sure that they just feel so proud of what they accomplished. Melissa, one of Mineraux’s founders introduced their makeup line just how I thought mineral makeup should be, with effortless grace. She spoke of the hardships that they went through and I was really impressed.

Mineraux’s product line consists of foundations, mineral veils, blushes, bronzers, several eyeshadows, and brushes.Everything you’ll need to start your makeup addi(c)tion if you’re a first-time user or simply hand-pick whichever catches your fancy if you’re a mineral makeup user already.

On to the products:

I'm happy to get a chance to try their Mineral Foundation in Neutral Fair that agrees with my super acidic and oily skin. I am in the NC 35 range but foundation darkens on me so I Nikki helped me out to choose to shade.

As per recommendation of Melissa, I chose the Beach Tan Bronzer, it being their best seller. After trying and swatching it, I liked how smooth and how different it is with other mineral bronzers I've tried. It has less to no sparkle but rather more sheen instead. Itsokay to use everyday along with your fave blush. On my NC35 skin, this bronzer is subtle to enough to accentuate my cheekbones. I have yet to experiment more with this one. But so far, I'm liking it.


  • For lighter skin women: Use this to lightly enhance your cheekbones since its not too dark to use as everyday contour.
  • For darker skin women: Use this to give your cheeks that hollywood glow.
  • You can use this as an eyeshadow, to lightly contour your crease.
  • Mix with your fave plain lipgloss to get that J.Lo Nude Lips.
You can soon avail of Mineraux's products at their Website and Multiply Site.

But for now, consider this post as your guide to Mineraux's Mineral Makeup Collection.

please click photo to enlarge:

Foundation (10g) 330
Foundation (20g) 500
Foundation (30g) 600
Lip Gloss 400
Lipstick 470
Concealer (10g) 330
Blush/Bronzer (10g) 330
Primer (10g) 330
Eye shadow/Eyeliner/Eye brow (10g) 330
Italian Kabuki 800
Pink Kabuki 650
Black and White Kabuki 650
Buffer Brush 570
Foundation Brush 570
Concealer Brush 500
Eye shadow Brush 420
Pink Brush Set 1250

If you're eager to try their products now, simply email them at

much love,

Mineraux is soon to open their kiosk at Glorietta Mall and Power Plant Mall. :)

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