PhotoShoot: Studioshots Ortigas

It was quite a surprise when Sophie's photographer friend, Mark, invited me for a shoot after just a few minutes of me posting on Facebook that whoever needs an MUA, simply contact me... Believe me when I say I initially backed out since I didn't realize that I'd get a response that immediate.

But my dear friends (Sophie, Jheng and Jaimie) pacified my insecurities. :) And they were right, Shooting with these guys are as easy as 1-2-3. They were professional but very fun to work with. Dear Gul was ever so sweet, bringing me drinks and pizza like i worked on our beautiful models. I was on my feet for more than 6 hours. :)

Let's just say that these guys are people I would want to work with all the time. Though I hope Sophie, Jheng, Phoebe and Jaimie will be there the next time. I know that with them, fun would be an understatement... :)

Here are some photos I was able to take after nearly 7 hours of doing makeup, retouching and changing looks. :) I had great help from my models who really boost up my confidence. I espeially enjoyed all our chatting since I love learning so much from others. :)

above photo is Jackie and Noel (owner of Studioshots). Jackie reminds me of a sis in Quorum and Snow white. :) Sifu Noel probably has the heaviest camera from all of the guys. I dare not carry it for fear of dropping it or my falling off. :) The place is just a photographer's dream, the equipment being all imported since Noel Ty is a popular event and wedding Photographer in the U.S.

the fun guys. Mica (model/stylist), Greg?, Raf the afroboy, AJ (super cutie, reminds me of guitterez brothers) and kilabot Raymond. :)

Patrick, the only Nikon guy, wasn't in any of my phots since I was always working whenever he's shooting. But wegot to bond and soon conceptualizing ideas for future shoots. (yey!)

Jackie looking so oriental with her fair skin and cat eyes but she looks a lot like Snow White. :)

that Mark taking photos of Jackie, I think Mark's signature work pose is the indian seat.. teehee! Peace, kapatid!

models waiting for their turn. Gave Mica a punk princess look while I gave Tracy the classic smokey eyes and my famous heavy lashes. Glad I caught Tracy here with her eyes closed so you could see my work.. teehee.. :)

I hope to work with a lot of talented photographers in the future.. I'm loving photoshoots.
I think I will make this my favorite niche as a makeup artist. Time is very much provided for me to work and I get to see the whole process happen even after my work. It trains my eyes to observe my errors.

that's all for now!
it's sunday, that means family day.
Hopefully, R and I can watch Transformer tonight. :)

Miss yah!

much love,

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