Lesson 7: Bridal Makeup

This post is timely for this month... June is Bride month. And what bride doesn't want her makeup done fabulously?

I know I do!

There two kinds of bridal makeup, Daytime and Evening. Daytime is more of a natural look but the with more details, enhancing the best features of the bride and limiting those that are not so flattering. A Daytime bride for me has that sun kissed glow, bright eyes and luscious lips. The makeup must look like she had no makeup on at all but would still endure the tropical weather we have and the tears that she might shed during her vows.

Evening Makeup is a little more accentuating on the eyes that may tend to be droopy on bright lights, add a little smoke on the outer V and double coat on the mascara or add false eyelashes.. Add more color to the cheeks since it may get washed out by the flash of the camera. She must still have that natural glow and a touch of color. Lips should be enhance, like the cheek, this may get washed out during picture taking.

My model was quite young, 14, to be a bride. I tried the best I could to make her look mature but I ended up making her look like the bridesmaid. Haaiii...

the blushing bride.... in french

This may not be the best of my works during school but I believe I have able to provide my model with the Bride-Look had her hair been pulled up in coiffure. :)

I hope to improve my makeup application, most especially on bridal looks. So if any of you out there wants to be my guinea pig, feel free to email me! :)

much love,

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