Fashion: My kind of Statement Tees

Annevida, a makeup artist/accessory designer/fellow alumni, now offers statements tees in their online shop called My Princess Vi. Their designs are my kind of statement tees, cool and to the point. Their designs are funny and cute but still hits the fashion button really well. :) I just love it. :)

These shirts are priced at (sizes up to XXXL!!)
White: P250/$5
Black: P300/$6

Affordable, right? :)

Here are my fave designs (Picture heavy!)

nice one!

for girls whose bf are into airsoft

so me!

i'm in the getting fat stage.. hehehe!

who doesn't?



.... :)

yeah, what's yours?

so true! so true! bring on those manolos!

can't be more real than this.


i agree, don't you?


yeah, too bad..

I said this one time! :)

can we add Kikay? :) hehehe!

I like that the Statements speaks for itself and does not crowd the whole shirt or screams it.

So, what did you like in the designs? They have more at My Princess Vi. Check it out!

Please try not to steal the pics here, i just borrowed them myself!!

much love,

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