Eye-Spy/EOTD: Divine, Gold Fever (NEW Ellana Eyeshadow)

Eye-spy, a new eyeshadow!

Many of my good friends know that I love gold, from accessories to shoes and bags. It's probably my most favorite color in the whole wide world (at par with white and black). That's why I'm very excited to show you that Ellana Mineral Cosmetics now has, in my opinion, a true 24k gold eyeshadow, named Divine. I immediately got one as soon as I've learned of this from its owner. I didn't even take time to take a picture of the eyeshadow on the pot when i got my orders. I used it immediately!

is superbly pigmented! I can't even tell you how much but just look at the eye photos.

I'm just really in love with the color. I even wore it in the office just so i could try it out. Imagine using this as an eyeliner, color in the inner part of the lids or to line your lower lash lid?
The choices of how to use it are endless.

In daylight, inside the car. NOTE: This is NOT foiled!

Applied Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Liners in Honey (24k gold)

with flash, not foiled, packed on lightly once.
blended using MAC 222.
UDPP applied first.
Stila Ebony eyeshadow applied on the outer lid.
No eyeliner

Honestly, I'm just happy to know that a 24k kind of gold eyeshadow is now available to us. Ellana Mineral Cosmetics truly tries to provide everything mineral to us Pinays.

You've seen it here first! (I hope!)

much love,

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