Collection: Undereye Concealer Pens

I hadn't notice that I've got a few undereye brighteners on my stash. I guess, I didn't notice as well how important undereye coverage is for me. LOL.

Obviously, it is. I've got baggies and dark circles ever sine I got a hold of a computer with internet and more so when I got addicted to blogging and Facebook.

my collection of under eye concealer pens

1. Eyeko Touch & Go Concealer - I got this from Eyeko's promo offerings. I chose this because I need a good eye concealer.

Eyeko says: "It's easy to fake a good nights sleep with this luminous concealer with a silky finish for wide awake eyes in an instant"

Shen says: Matched my medium skintone really well and it covers my dark undereyes. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay long as much as I want it to. And I don't think many will like this since it only comes in one shade and its pretty dark at that (evidenced by the swatches below).

2. The Body Shop Lightening Shop in 03 - I got this since i saw it at the Swiper's blog, calling it her saving grace.

The Body Shop says: "Brighten your skin while hiding imperfections and dark circles with an indispensable, liquid makeup."

Shen says: I've had this for awhile and I always reach for it whenever I think my concealer is not enough to hide my dark undereyes. Alone though, I don't think this is enough to cover my dark circles. As for the light diffusing effects, I think it brightens my undereyes well. I also like that fact that this does not give that white cast on the pictures.

3. Benefit Lyin' Eyes - Thanks to Gracie, I get a chance to try this product since Benefit cosmetics are not available here in the Philippines.

Benefit says: "Hide the truth about those dark circles with a click-click of Lyin? Eyes - a lightly tinted under eye corrector that's speedy and quick to use. Keep it in your bag to brush on camouflaging confidence and spruce up your look anytime, with or without makeup."

Shen says: I definitely keep this in my bag for those days I am so lazy to prep my face before work. I like how creamy it is but still dries up fast for that on-the-go moments. It doesn't give that white cast on the pictures but hides dark circles. it has that pit of peach tint that is similar to my MAC NW25. When I don't like the heaviness of coverage of my cream concealers, I gravitate to this one. Too bad that when I finish this up, I'll have a hard time getting my hands on this again. But it's okay. That just means I'll be able to try newer products out there.

4. Prestige Light Response Concealer Pen in Caramel - Got this spur-of-the-moment purchase during a trip at Beauty Bar, Greenbelt 5.

Prestige says: "The Smart concealer with special spherical light refracting pigment that visually corrects minor skin imperfections and uneven skin tones. Long-wearing, Non-greasy, Smudge-proof."

Shen says: Now, I just got this very recently and only got to try it twice and already it shows promise. Like my Lyin' Eyes, Prestige Light Response dries up really fast. I had to reapply the swatches because this baby dries up quick. Many of you out there will probably like the yellow tone of this concealer and they have many more shades available for your appropriate skintone. So far, I don't find a downside here. And its inexpensive as well for about P375 at any branch of Beauty Bar.


Recommendations: I would suggest Benefit Lyin' Eyes for those of you who can get your hands on this. Eyeko Touch & Go Concealer and Prestige Light Response Concelaer for cheaper alternative. The Body Shop Lightening Touch if you want an alternative to the ever famous YSL Touche Eclat.

Additional: Pen containers are so much better since its hygenic and sanitary. So yes, you get your money's worth and keep does germs away from your beautiful face when you opt for products contained in pens.

Hope this helps!

much love,

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